Tim White

Tim White

“I value the solidarity and advice that a union can bring – especially in these quickly changing times (anti-strike legislation, new challenges posed by AI, etc).

I have also respected the WGGB for several years in how it has brought structure and regulation to the job of videogame writing; it gives researched and respected advice on rates and crediting methods, which have been hugely beneficial to me, and which give me confidence when dealing with clients.

I enjoy reading the weekly bulletin, and have attended several useful talks organised by the union.

I would like to give something back by joining, and help give solidarity and support to other writers.”

Tim White is a senior-lead writer who has worked in videogame narrative for 10 years, starting in AAA before moving into the indie space. He’s written for management games and character-driven action games, and finds himself drawn to science fiction more than any other narrative genre. He likes to write narratives with frequent choices for the player to express themselves, and to ground epic narratives with real people – characters players are drawn to, fall in love with, and remember long after the game is over. He also enjoys wearing editor and narrative designer hats, aiming to raise the quality of all text and writing in the game, and helping design the narrative delivery systems and dev pipelines.


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