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WGGB member networks 

Writers from under-represented writing groups can meet, network, share experiences and discuss issues relating to writing and the creative industries in a safe space, thanks to WGGB’s series of member networks. 

To date, we have held meetings for the Deaf, Disabled and Neurodiverse Network, the LGBT+ Network, the Returning Writers Network (for writers returning to the industry for a number of reasons, including care commitments or illness) and the Writers of Colour Network. 

The networks have been spearheaded by WGGB’s Equality and Diversity Committee and the issues raised may inform its work in future. The networks are not formal committees or subcommittees in themselves, and no notes or recordings are taken.  

The Equality and Diversity Committee plans for each group to meet approximately every six months and that more groups will be established in future. 

Members will find out details of upcoming networks and how to join via email, and if you have any questions or comments please contact john@writersguild.org.uk