Dean M Drinkel

Dean M Drinkel

“I joined the Writers’ Guild because I wanted to meet other people like me. A cliché perhaps but it’s like a family – we may not always get on, though we love and support each other. We may compete against one another, but life isn’t a competition, it’s a journey and the Guild and my fellow members are all on that journey together.

“If you fancy joining us, you know where we are…”

Dean M Drinkel is a published poet, short story writer, compiler and editor of horror anthologies. He is also an award-winning scriptwriter as well as director of short films. He has several theatre (writer/director) credits to his name as well. He fulfilled two lifelong dreams when he was interviewed for Fangoria magazine (issue 331) and Fear (issue 35). He is about to move to France to work on an historical feature film with the young French writer Romain Collier.


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