Bumper digital pay-out for BBC writers

BBC screenwriters contracted during 2015 earned £750,000 in royalties for reuse of their work on BBC iPlayer, according to figures just released by Writers Digital Payments (WDP).

The not-for-profit scheme, set up by WGGB and the Personal Managers’ Association, completed its latest distribution to writers on 17 May 2017.

More money was paid to writers during this distribution than the last one of £960,000 in December 2015, which covered the longer period of 18 months.

“This is down to the fact that WDP negotiated an uplift with the BBC on the previous year’s distribution sum,” explained Lynne Mendoza, WDP Manager.

She added that the scheme was also levelling the playing field for writers. “WDP means writers are remunerated in a more egalitarian way for reuse of their work on iPlayer.”

“It doesn’t matter whether you have written a CBBC show or a flagship scripted drama, you will still get the same rate per hit on iPlayer.

“Children’s TV and animation writers are often paid significantly less upfront fees, and they are benefiting from this system, as are less-experienced writers.”

The recent pay-out follows two previous BBC distributions and an ITV distribution.

Since the WDP scheme launched in April 2015, over £2 million has hit the bank accounts of writers, who don’t have to be members of WGGB to be eligible, or need to register.