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Stand With Ukraine


WGGB logo in Ukraine flag coloursWGGB condemns the illegal invasion of Ukraine and joins the global trade union movement in calling for peace and in urging all governments to reach a negotiated solution through diplomacy rather than force.

The humanitarian consequences for civilians needs to be urgently addressed and international humanitarian law respected. We call on the UK Government to support humanitarian assistance and to welcome refugees seeking to come here.

The pursuit of peace is a trade union value and we stand with all the people of Ukraine and encourage solidarity between workers across borders.

In particular, we stand with the writers, artists, actors, performers, and all those working in creative and cultural organisations and institutions in Ukraine.

We call for the protection of the rich cultural heritage of Ukraine and the work of the nation’s creative practitioners. We believe that arts and culture are a force for public good, that can galvanise social transformation.

As a member of the International Affiliation of Writers Guilds and the Federation of Screenwriters in Europe, and a supporter of the European Writers’ Council, we stand ready to support the work of our colleagues in Europe.

On 4 April 2022 we held a fundraiser screening of Paddington in London where we raised £2,000 for film practitioners directly in danger due to the ongoing war in Ukraine..

How you can help

  • We encourage writers who want to provide financial or other support to take a look at this resource provided by the European Writers’ Council, which gives details of aid organisations supporting refugees and other emergency actions (view it here).
  • Please sign and share this letter of solidarity with Ukrainian creators from Creators for Ukraine using the hashtag #CreatorsForUkraine.

We will be publishing links to other ways writers can help as soon as they become available, so please bookmark this page and check back.