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4.5% increase for playwrights

Ellie PeersAfter lengthy negotiations, last week WGGB negotiators agreed an uplift in minimum fees for playwrights contracted under UKT/WGGB/SSP subsidised theatre agreement.  This means that the fee for a play commissioned in a large theatre (MRSL level 1) is now a minimum of £9,869.35. The uplift took effect on 1st May 2019.

WGGB general secretary Ellie Peers (right) said: “Our national agreements in theatre mean that playwrights working for UKT theatres – as well as those working under our ITC and TNC agreements – benefit from regular uplifts in minimum fees.

“The creative industry is worth over £100 billion a year to the UK economy and it is only right that playwrights receive credit and proper remuneration for their contribution.”

You can see the full details in our UKT rate card