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Writers’ fee increases at TNC and ITC theatres

WGGB has negotiated increases on all minimum rates for writers at the Royal Court, Royal National Theatre and Royal Shakespeare Company.

The theatres, collectively known as TNC theatres, have agreed a 1.1% increase on minimum fees and an increase of over 13% on rehearsal attendance fees. These increases mean that the minimum fee for a play is now over £12,100.

WGGB has also negotiated a definition for ‘short plays’ to be included in our national agreement with TNC theatres. The changes took effect from 1 April 2015.

We have also secured an increase of between 1%-1.2% on all minimum fees with the Independent Theatre Council (ITC). This means that the fee for a full-length play is now £8,350. The increases took effect from 6 April 2015.

Members who have queries on rates or contracts with TNC or ITC theatres should contact Ellie Peers, WGGB Assistant General Secretary.

View the TNC rate card
View the ITC rate card

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