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World Conference of Screenwriters 2022

Screenwriters from around the globe have converged at the World Conference of Screenwriters in Denmark which starts today (4 October 2022).

The conference takes the theme of regeneration and the debates and speeches will examine how the world of film and television reacts to such turbulent times and how writers, and their unions and guilds, can find ways to adapt and thrive.

WGGB will be represented at the event by WGGB officials, Film and TV committee members, and screenwriter members invited to contribute, including:

  • WGGB Chair Lisa Holdsworth, who will be moderating the panel discussion ‘The new position of the writer’
  • WGGB Treasurer Gail Renard, who will be moderating the discussion, ‘A room of one’s own? What will it take for female voices to be heard’
  • WGGB Deputy Co-Chair Emma Reeves, who will be joining the discussion panel ‘Public sector broadcasting in a streaming age’.

Read the full conference programme

You can follow all the action live on Twitter #WCOS2022