Executive Council Officers

William Gallagher

William Gallagher

Deputy Chair

“I identify as a scriptwriter, but really my work requires writing in many different areas — yet I can see the Writers’ Guild’s impact in every one of them. I’m now in my second term as Deputy Chair and it was during my first run that I truly got to see just how much and how often the Guild is working for us. Not suggesting, not hoping, but actively and successfully working to improve and protect the pay, conditions and rights of all writers.

“That’s all writers, without exception. If a writer somehow managed to go through life without hearing of the Guild, let alone joining it, he or she would still have benefited gigantically from all the union does. We’re stronger together, and right now we need to be, so I am proud to be a member, proud to be Deputy Chair, and I hope to live up to work of the Writers’ Guild officers.”

Photo: Em Fitzgerald