#ScreenwritersEverywhere protest

WGA strike ends

As of 8.01am BST today Wednesday 27 September, the WGA Strike has ended. UK writers are advised that Strike Rule 13 no longer applies and that they can return to working on projects within the jurisdiction of the WGA.

You can find full details of the new WGA Minimum Basic Agreement (MBA) here. The WGA Negotiating Committee, Council and Board have voted in favour of recommending the agreement and the WGA membership will cast their vote next week.

WGGB Chair Lisa Holdsworth said:

“The WGA and their members stood strong and the result was major concessions from the streamers, studios and producers. Uplifts on streaming residuals, greater transparency on streaming data, minimum staffing levels in writing rooms and safeguards on AI – these terms were hard fought for over five long months, and finally won.

“We continue to send our solidarity to actors on strike in the States and urge the AMPTP to come forward with an acceptable deal as a matter of urgency – for the sake of all creative workers, both overseas and in the UK.

“We salute the solidarity shown by UK writers over the past 148 days. We’ve seen new members join our movement and, alongside existing members, join the throng of protests and online activism. There is lots of work to do in the UK on behalf of writers – we are stronger for our members, and we will do it.”

Photo of WGGB protest in London: Em Fitzgerald