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WGA Strike Authorization Vote

Members of the Writers Guild of America voted a resounding ‘yes’ to industrial action last night, as part of their ongoing contract negotiations, setting a new record for turnout for the union and percentage of support, with 97.85% of members voting yes.

WGGB Chair Lisa Holdsworth said:

“The WGA membership has spoken with one voice. Our fellow writers in the States have shown the power of a union – collective strength and solidarity – in their demand for meaningful change in the treatment of writers.

“Many of their issues are our issues. Their fight is our fight. We hope that the WGA reaches a deal but we are ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with our sister union and their members in support of every writer’s right to be paid a decent rate for their work, to be treated with respect and to be financially rewarded for the success of their work – including subsequent use and sales.”

Last week the WGGB Executive Council supported a motion which stated that if a WGA strike cannot be avoided, WGGB would advise its membership not to work on projects within the jurisdiction of the WGA for the duration of the strike (read it here).

Photo: Shutterstock.com/ElliotCowandJr