Trade union march

#We Demand Better – join the campaign

WGGB is supporting the TUC’s campaign for a better deal for working people, who have had enough when everything is going up but their wages. The TUC is calling for a budget that delivers for working people, a £15 minimum wage, a ban on zero hours contracts, an end to fire and rehire and more help with bills. 

You can join #WeDemandBetter in the following ways 

  • Join union leaders and local campaigners at a town hall event near you to discuss how we come together to win a new deal for working people.RSVP to a town hall event near you 
  • Join the mass lobby of MPs in London on Wednesday 2 November 2022 and ask your MP to support a budget that delivers for working people. Find out more 
  • After the lobby on Wednesday 2 November join a huge rally in Methodist Central Hall Westminster at 6pm. Join us to hear from frontline workers and union leaders about how they are fighting for higher pay and fairer treatment at work. Find out more  
  • Many workers from a range of trade unions are going on strike this autumn. Show your solidarity on social media by using the hashtags #WeDemandBetter and #JoinYourUnion and tagging @TheWritersGuild on Twitter so we can retweet
  • If you intend to join the action, let us know so we can co-ordinate activity in our different regions. Contact who can also provide materials such as placards.