Scottish Parliament

Scottish writers show the power of their pens

WGGB and sister unions joined an emergency campaign led by Campaign for the Arts this week following the Scottish Government’s announcement that it was going to make a £7 million budget cut to the arts funding of Creative Scotland.

Over 15,000 people – including WGGB members – signed the petition against the cuts and the Scottish Government swiftly revoked the plans.

WGGB has campaigned tirelessly against cuts to the arts, which support the livelihoods of many thousands of creative workers and the well-being of millions, as well as contributing over £100 billion a year to the UK economy.

Most recently we raised serious concerns about the shake-up to Arts Council England funding which we believe will have a detrimental impact on new playwriting

Thanks to all our members who signed the petition and to the work of the WGGB Scottish branch, alongside our sister unions and their members.

If you’re a WGGB member in Scotland and you’d like to get more involved in your region email