Rates rise for BBC TV writers

WGGB has negotiated a 1.5% increase on all minimum rates for BBC TV drama and scripted comedy, including sketches. This brings the rate for original TV drama to £11,940 and £10,920 for series or serials for a one-hour episode. A typical half-hour episode of a series or serial comes to £5,460. TV comedy sketches are now worth a minimum of £111 per minute.

The new rates take effect from 4 December 2017. For more details see the WGGB BBC TV rate card.

WGGB General Secretary Ellie Peers said: “In the current climate of funding cuts affecting the whole public sector, we are pleased to have negotiated a rise in the minimum rates paid to writers, in recognition of the importance of high-quality scripted comedy and drama.”

WGGB’s trade union collective agreements with the BBC are negotiated in co-operation with the Personal Managers’ Association (PMA), representing writers’ agents.