Trade union march

Protect the right to strike in the UK

The Government’s announcement earlier this year of new anti-strike legislation poses a very serious threat to the trade union movement and workers’ long-fought for rights on pay and working conditions. 

The TUC announced it will fight the Strikes (Minimum Service Levels) Bill every step of the way, including through Parliament and the Courts. The union body says the anti-strike plans are unworkable and almost certainly in breach of international law.  

As TUC General Secretary Paul Nowak said:  

“The right to strike is a fundamental British liberty – but the Government is attacking it in broad daylight.   

“These draconian new curbs will tilt the balance of power even more in favour of bad bosses and make it harder for people to win better pay and conditions.   

“Nobody should lose their job if they take lawful action to win a better deal. But ministers have gone from clapping our key workers to threatening them with the sack.” 

The Government’s anti-strike Bill has now passed its final stage in the Commons and the TUC has pledged to fight further and push for repeal. Thanks to everyone who signed the petition, attended the day of action and wrote to your MP. Keep up-to-date with future news on the TUC website.