Andy Barnes

My writing standard has put me on the safe-list [welcome to submit scripts I have written/co-written] of all the major UK broadcast commissioners - BBC, Channel 4, ITV and Sky - for TV and film.

Regarding film, I also have a similar relationship with the major studios in the UK - Universal, Fox Searchlight and Pinewood Studios among many more, as well as the US too.

I have been commissioned and written features, TV and radio scripts for various UK and US production companies.  Separately, I have my own slate of screenplays along with others I have optioned as a producer (please see my website), and I also tutor Screenwriting for the Blackford Centre.

I optioned two scripts at concept stage which I have now co-written and are in production-development.  As a producer for the projects I am in discussions with the likes of Universal and Pinewood Studios regarding financing and distribution.

The reel below contains scenes I mostly wrote and my current screen projects are a comedy and espionage thriller; a sample testimonial for the respective films are:

  • Semi-finalist and Top 10% of Screencraft Comedy and Bluecat international competitions, gaining Strong Considers and Recommends, citing “concept is really great and wonderfully original…funny dialogue the star, taking jokes to a new, daring level…a unique voice.

  • The Blacklist “a tear-jerker for sure! ...the type of script to get Hollywood executives and financiers interested.”

  • Having read over 5,000 scripts, this has a lot of things I’ve never seen before…and…stretches the spy-film genre.”  Carson Reeves, leading Hollywood script reviewer.

…but before all this…

I was a counter-terrorism expert for the Ministry of Defence on the Government Fast Stream writing briefs for Ministers, reports for Number 10, and sending operational recommendations to military Generals, one who was running Iraq. Loss of life or the loss of taxpayers’ millions meant I took writing seriously.  Now I take the craft seriously and make the content entertaining.

I read Engineering at Oxford University and love to play and watch sport.

London (Greater London)

  • 2017 WE HAVE THE PRESIDENT\\\'S DAUGHTER (feature film co-writer) - Moral Victory Productions

  • 2016 KOPPEN (feature film co-writer) - Moral Victory Productions

  • 2015 LADY RED RIDING HOOD (feature film script writer) - Jarka Productions

  • 2014 SELF-MADE (feature film script editor) - Dream Evolution

  • 2014 Teaser trailer script for upcoming film release - Hixville

  • 2014 UK national radio campaign (script writer) - Hixville

  • 2013 DVD Release UK national TV campaign (script writer) - Universal Studios

  • 2012 GODS OF LONDON (1-hour TV pilot, script writer) - One Eyed Dog Films

  • 2011 FORGING THE IRON LEADER (feature film script writer) - 1066 Productions

  • 2010 TRADER (feature film script writer) - One Eyed Dog Films

Comedy, Film, Poetry, Television, Videogames