Ji Ding

Ji Ding (AKA Dennis Ji Ding) is a bilingual (Chinese and English) screenwriter who studied under JD Payne, screenwriter Star Trek: Beyond, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of the Power, Mike Reiss, producer/writer The Simpsons, Ice Age, and JS Mayank, screenwriter/director, in the United States and has an MFA in Screenwriting.

Dennis sold his first feature, The Flying Tribe, for co-production companies Genfilms Group and Goya Entertainment, known for their Oscar nominated 2013 film, Butter Lamp. His writing credits also include a Chinese feature film led by A-list Chinese actors Zheng Xu, Dying to Survive, Lost in Thailand, and Hewei Yu, Three Kingdoms, The Advisors Alliance, The Island, for Hewei Yu's production company.

Dennis is also a screenwriting professor in China at the largest fine-arts-focus university in the world. He currently resides in the UK for his Creative Writing PhD.


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Feature script, The Flying Tribe sold to co-production companies Genfilms Group and Goya Entertainment (They had an Oscar nomination for Butter Lamp 2013);


Hired to be the lead writer for a comedy feature led by A-list Chinese actors Hewei Yu 于和伟 and Zheng Xu 徐峥 (Zheng Xu was the Chinese box-office record holder for his movie Lost in Thailand) for Hewei Yu’s company, 闪念影视.


Hired to be the lead writer for a 30 episodes animation series: Panda Ming and the Dream Planet, by Sichuan Congzhu Film & TV Production Company.


Short script Lhasa, I Love You: A Sip of Illusion (co-wrote with an American writer Leah Baxter) won the Paradise Script Competition in Tibet and was selected by a Tibet production company to be part of the feature movie Lhasa, I Love you (Like New York, I Love You).


Developing TV series DemonDex with LA-based company Erik Sun Productions.


Animation, Comedy, Film, Television, Videogames