Kieran Bourne

Kieran Bourne is a British screenwriter and director.

He wrote and directed Free in the Afternoon (2015) and wrote the screenplay for William Shakespeare's Venus & Adonis which both debuted at the Cannes Film Festival 2015.

In 2016 Kieran wrote the screenplay for psychological thriller 'Beneath the Mind' which was shortlisted for the Film London Microwave scheme. There he was mentored by screenwriter Brock Norman Brock (Bronson), producer Pippa Cross (Bloody Sunday, Shooting Dogs) and writer/director Tom Geens (Couple in a Hole). The film won the JETS 2018 Initiative during the 68th Berlinale Film Festival.

Kieran's screenplay for the romantic comedy 'Arthur & Clara' was a Final Draft Big Break 2016 Quarter-Finalist.

His unproduced screenplays include the anime live action adaptations of 'Appleseed' and 'Death Note'. Three screenplays have been considered by the BBC Writers Room including the comedy pilots 'Bar Star' and 'Early Retirement' and the semi-autobiographical temp work drama feature 'Flexible Shifts.'

In 2018 he wrote and directed the silent comedy 'She's Just a Girl and So Am I'. Kieran co-wrote the first four episodes of the You Tube web series 'Just Saying' and directed episodes two, three and four. He also has two short films in post-production, 'Say Your Name' and 'Those of Us'.

South East


Black Type Writer

(Feature)Thirdwave Films Ltd


Beneath the Mind Writer

(Feature)Microwave with Film London/

Film London Microwave Shortlist 2016 BBC Films/BFI/Ozone Productions




Those of Us Writer/Director

(Short Film)Urban Crane Films

Post Production


Just Saying… Co-Writer/Director

(Web Series) 3 Episodes ItsOriane Ltd


Say Your Name Writer/Director

(Short Film)ItsOriane Ltd

Post Production


Soft Hands Writer

(Short Film)DJK Films

Post Production


She’s Just a Girl and So Am I Writer/Director

(Feature)FITA Films

Post Production



Recollections: August, 1957 Writer/Director

(Short Film) FITA Films


The Wife Writer/Director

(Short Film)Filmbourne/Ozone Productions



…and counting Writer/Director

(Short Film)Filmbourne



Free in the Afternoon Writer/Director

(Short Film)XXI Productions

Selected for Short Film Corner at Cannes Film Festival 2015


William Shakespeare’s Venus & Adonis Writer

(Short Film)Lui Films

Selected for Short Film Corner at Cannes Film Festival 2015


The Pale Cast of Thought Writer/Director

(Short Film)Filmbourne



Arthur & Clara

(Feature Film)

Final Draft Big Break Contest Quarter Finalist 2016



(Feature Film)

Adapted from the Manga by Masamune Shirow



(Feature Film)


Skinny Jeans

(TV Series)


Why Russia?

(Feature Film)


Early Retirement

(TV Series)


Bar Staff

(TV Series)


Flexible Shifts

(Feature Film)


The House and Mind of Norah French

(Feature Film)



(Feature Film)



(Feature Film)


Death Note

(TV Series)

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