Mike Spence

CEO of Arc Films, producer, director, WGGB writer, Equity actor, editor, Honorary Professor in Animation, International Chief Expert for 3D Digital Games Art, Chairman of the International Alliance for Digital Games Education, Oxford Research Fellow, Master of Professional Learning, High Performance Skills Coach, Faculty of WorldSkills International, ally of the underrepresented.

London (Greater London)

Guy Rose

Circle of Shadows (2023) Feature

Resolute (2022) TV Pilot

Norward (2022) Feature

Prerogative & Fragility (2022) Stageplay

Nina Perida (2022) Stageplay

Instead of All This (2021) TV Pilot

Sleeping Alone (2021) Short

Sophrosyne (2021) TV Pilot

Norward (2021) TV Pilot

Step on It (2021) Short

Nutritroops (2021) Game Episode

Mixed in the Clay (2021) TV Pilot

Baddies (2021) Feature

We All Fall Down (2021) TV Pilot

One Life to Lose (2020) Feature

Make the Cut (2020) Feature

The Doorstep (2020) Short

The Cherished (2020) Feature

A|D|DICT|IONary of Berlin (2020) TV Pilot

Road of the Ancients (2020) Gameshow Format

First Sorrow (2020) Feature

Covid Tales: House Party (2020) Short

New Town (2020) TV Pilot

Thomas Covenant Chronicles (2020) TV adaption

Kings of Britain ep. 1-4 (2020) Web Series

Killing Time (2020) Short

Back from the Future (2020) Short

LOTP (2020) Short

The Witness [Casualty] (2020) Spec episode

The Judgement [Holby] (2020) Spec episode

Dorian (2019) TV Pilot

Film, Television, Theatre, Videogames