Alex River Clarke

I’m a working-class Irish/Manc writer living in rural Shropshire. I'm disabled and neurodiverse. All my work explores women’s lives and/or working-class experience. I find women’s experience ceaselessly fascinating, especially non-conforming women and outsiders. I also work as a hypnotherapist and therapeutic writing facilitator with adult surviours of dysfunctional childhoods to help them tell their hidden stories.

Currently, I’m writing a semi-autobiographical TV dramady THE LITTLE GOLD DOOR STORYTELLING CLUB.

I’m in development with my original drama REFUGE with Dancing Ledge Productions and the BBC.

In 2022 I was selected for The BBC Northern Voices Scheme to develop my original TV dramady THE KING OF CONS – a story about drag kings, footballers and fake kidnappings.

The same year I was selected for the DYSPLA Writer’s Residency with my comedy VENUS IN 13.

Later the same year I was commissioned to develop my surreal project C.L.A.W into an experimental volumetrically captured film, funded by Earls Court Film Festival.

In 2022 I also completed a Screenskills mentorship in documentary filmmaking with the massively talented mentor Maria Hasse Coelho.

In 2021 I was selected for the Dancing Ledge and ITV New Talent Mentoring Scheme and developed a new original drama with my mentor Paula Milne (THE POLITICIAN’S WIFE / THE VIRGIN QUEEN).

The same year I was also selected for a BAFTA mentorship with Lisa McGee (DERRY GIRLS).

In 2019 I won the BBC’s Alfred Bradley Award with my radio drama WAKING BEAUTY which you can listen to HERE!

I was also selected for the BFI/Film Hub North Development Scheme to work on my TV comedy THE GREAT BRITISH VAMPIRE PAGEANT.

The same year I was longlisted for the Thousand Films Screenwriting Competition with my TV comedy BELLA IN THE AFTERNOON.

2019 also saw me longlisted for The Old Vic 12 with my urban fairy-tale stage-play WHEN I WAS A TROLL based on my experiences of the joy-riding girl gangs in 90’s Manchester.

I was also selected for a Raising Films Writer’s Residency and The Royal Exchange Theatre’s Disabled Directors Scheme.

In 2018 I was selected for the STAGE ONE’S “Bridging the Gap” scheme which aimed at bringing more working class theatre producers into commercial theatre production.

In 2017 I won The New Writing North and C4 TV drama writing award with my original drama BELOW and left Salford University with a post-grad cert in TV and Radio scriptwriting.

I was also selected for the Raising Films Development Scheme “CLOSR17” and developed the short film THE GIRL WHO DRESSED AS A BEAR – a story about finding your tribe in the most unlikely of places. That was later published in Hashtag Queer vol 1.

West Midlands


REFUGE (2023) - Dancing Ledge Productions/BBC - original TV drama series (in development)

HUNTER'S MOON (2022) - Hipster Films - Folk Horror Feature

HOW TO BE AUTISTIC (2021) - Adapted Pictures/BFI - y/a TV dramady adaption of Charlotte Amelia Poe's memoir of the same name.

BELOW (2018) - Bonafide Films/C4 - original y/a  TV fantasy/horror mini-series (development)



WAKING BEAUTY (2019) - BBC Radio 4 - Winner of the BBC Alfred Bradley Award.



SISTER’S OF THE MIDNIGHT BERRIES  (2019) – Salford Art’s Theatre –  original comedy stage play.

MY NAME IS HUNGER (2013) – Salon Collective – original comedy stage play.

OUR KID JESUS (2013) – Salon Collective – original comedy stage play . Winner of 24:7 Theatre Festivals’ Next Big Idea Competition.

DANCING DOG GETS A CREDIT CARD (2013) – Writer’s Avenue – original comedy.

SECONDS (2011- 2012) – Writer’s Avenue – original drama. Winner of “The First 20 Mins”, “The Next Stage” and “The Final Stage” Playwriting Competitions.



Comedy, Film, Online writing, Radio, Television