Christopher Morrison

Christopher is a multi-talented writer-director-educator who has worked on over 150 theatrical productions, VR, videogames, and immersive entertainments on three continents. His feature film ‘The Bellwether’ was released in 2019. He has written and directed 360° films as well. He has been commissioned for screenplays and plays alike. He recently added “Narrative Designer” as he’s written and designed for the multiple videogames. His VR branching narrative “The Werewolf Experience” is currently in festivals. Cirque du Soleil called him “A huge asset to the creative process.” He also frequently speaks on storytelling in WEB3.0, recently addressing the House of Lords in England and is a SXSW VR mentor.


London (Greater London)

Alex Surer:

2022  Attack of the Cavity Creeps: The Rise of General Decay – Video Game Brand Activation

Major brand activation for Crest/Oral-B/P&G reigniting beloved 70’s-80’s IP of the Cavity Creeps and the Crest Force. Wrote lore, created new characters, all dialogue. Lead Writer/Narrative Designer/VO Director

2019-2022       The Werewolf Experience – VR (Release Q1 ’22)

An immersive 3D VR experience where the user is a werewolf and can affect the experience by howling. Writer/Director/Narrative Design

2021                Dying Light 2 – AAA Videogame 

Script Doctor/Writer for AAA title. Reworked dialogue and wrote a section of the game.

2021                A Blooming Business: Casino – Videogame (Release Q1-2 ’22)

Lead Writer for tycoon style game where the player builds their casino with the added function of events to narrativize the game.

2021                Influencer – Mobile Game

Lead Writer for fast-moving mobile game with quick branches where the player creates an Influencer who gathers their fandom and affects the world around them.

2021                Brilliant Mind – Digital Theatre Experience

Narrative Designer for world-premiere theatrical experience that blends live streaming/pre-recorded video/gamification centering on mental health in immigrant communities in the United States.

2020-2021       Drunk, Zombie Duelists – VR/360

Writer/Director: Currently in proof-of-concept. A 360° volumetric capture series featuring world class sword-fights, comedy, and zombies.

2018-2019       Ary and the Secret of the Seasons – Multi-Platform Videogame

Narrative Designer/Writer: Award-winning indie RPG. Wrote all cut-scenes and created Lore for game.

2018                The Bellwether – Feature/360

Produced feature script that is the first film to be a solo, female lead film. An elevated genre, one-location thriller. Also wrote and directed 360 prequel. (Released: 2019)

2016                Among the Shadows - Feature

Rewrites: Feature script for joint American/Belgian companies Factory Films/Crafted Films. Produced feature starring Lindsey Lohan. (Released: 2019)

2015                Airmen – Short Film

Commissioned and produced short film script: Merxcks Productions.

2014-2019       Development: Left Field Ventures

Developed multiple feature film and television projects for Brussels based, internationally produced production company.


2012                Billy Gee and Double - Features

Two commissioned feature scripts for Inland Lake Productions. Billy Gee is a 70's period soccer drama and Double is a female lead thriller

2011                Men of the Tree and Misdirection – Short Films

Commissioned for two shorts from Inland Lake Productions. Men of the Tree chosen as inaugural production for company. Screened multiple festivals.

2010                Stick and Knife - Feature

Commissioned feature script for Suntaur Entertainment. A mid-budgeted martial-arts-epic, focusing on the Pilipino martial-art of Kali.

2010                Gallows Humor – Short Film

Short film script starring Larry Cedar: currently has over 30,000 YouTube views.

2009                American CowslipFeature Additional Dialogue

Distributed feature film with six Academy Award nominees including: Diane Ladd, Bruce Dern, Val Kilmer, Peter Faulk, and Cloris Leechman.

2008                …less than kind – Short Film

Distributed short. Screened out of competition at the Cannes Film Festival. Won Jury Prize Action/Cut Festival: juried by director Jonathan Demme.

2008-2012       Development: GMI Film Finance

Script coverage and development on all submitted scripts.

2003                Tour Consultant/Creator, Pacific Agenda

Created Immersive Tour Package for PA who services the Fortune 500.

2000-2009       Four Produced Plays

Four plays of varying genres and budgets produced in the San Francisco Bay Area; Chicago; and Melbourne, Australia.


Animation, Film, Radio, Television, Theatre, Videogames