Noga Flaishon

I’m an immigrant neurodiverse writer based London. 

In my writing I often borrow from the worlds of sci-fi, horror & magical realism to explore real world issues and dynamics.

I studied writing in the Writing for Stage and Broadcast Media MFA program at the Royal Central School of speech and Drama and my work has been supported by the Arts Council of England, London Playwrights Blog,, The King’s Head Theatre, The London Horror Society & The Living Record Festival, Evergreen Podcasts & AudioMarvel.

I currently work as a writer on Six to Starts mobile game – Zombie’s Run! 

As well as a producer & writer at Big Finish Productions – creating audio dramas set in the world of Doctor Who


London (Greater London)

2023 Mother’s Love (War Doctor)- Big Finish- Dir Barnaby Key
2021 - Smile, It’ll Be Over Soon - Evergreen Productions - Dir Jack Bowman
2021- My Father Punished Me When I Talked to Ghosts- Harpy Productions- Dir Noga Flaishon

2022- Lethe- Kings Head Theatre- Dir Micha Mirto (Standing Ovation Award Nomination)
2022- Lethe- Pleasence Theatre- Dir Micha Mirto
2022- Bunker- Edinburgh Fringe- Dir Coral Tarran
2021- Memoriam- Virtual R&D -Dir Anna Berentzen
2021 - Bunker - Lion & Unicorn Theatre- Dir Coral Tarran
2018- 100 Years of Waiting- Hope Theatre - Dir Anthony Orme

2023- Zombies! Run!  - Six to Start - Six to Start

2021 - Broken Link  - Living Record Festival - Dir Kitty Ball (OnComm nomination)

Film, Online writing, Radio, Theatre, Videogames