Ida Thomasdotter

Ida is a writer, filmmaker and interdisciplinary artist working with both narrative fiction and creative non-fiction and has over ten years experience working in the independent film industry in both Stockholm, Sweden and London, UK.

As of February 2021 she is the creative director of Cypherpunk Studio, a transmedia production company aiming to utilise the latest gaming technologies to create interactive experiences and next-gen TV shows.

When she's not working, she is whittling away at her novel manuscript or working on the watercolour illustrations for her children's book project.

London (Greater London)

Decipher (S01E03 - "Real"), 2021

Decipher (S01E01 - "Where's the harm?"), 2021

Decipher (S01E00 - "Just Another Day"), 2021

a void. (poetry/art film), 2021

Is it art? (art film), 2020

Decipher (Unaired Pilot - "Sibling Love"), 2020

Whatever "fine" means (poetry/art film), 2019

Blodsmak/Blood (short film), 2019

En sekund i taget (short film), 2015

Lillstrumpa & Systerdyster (short film), 2015

Bury me in the backyard (short film), 2014

Varma Mackor/Toast (short film), 2012

Books, Childrens writing, Film, Poetry, Short story, Television, Theatre