Tim White

Tim White is a videogame writer and narrative designer with over ten years’ professional experience in the games industry. He's shipped AAA, premium AA, and micro indie games, with highlights including Transformers Universe (Jagex) and War for the Overworld (Brightrock Games). He's degree-qualified in both English Literature (Creative Writing pathway) and Software Engineering; indeed, as a former programmer, Tim is comfortable getting hands-on with game technology to implement the narratives he writes and designs, to ensure they are considerate of the player's gameplay experience. Tim is also an experienced text editor, with skills localising games to English, and an experienced voice director, having worked with actors both in-studio and remotely.

Tim is known for his kind and friendly manner, and enjoys working with kind, diverse teams, who also respect the work-life balance and the value of writing as a craft within videogames. He usually works remotely from a professional home office (even before Covid); however, he's also accustomed to visiting studios for onsite meetings and workshops. One studio managing director recently described him as "by far the most proficient remote worker I’ve ever interacted with".

Tim is most experienced writing science-fiction and comedy, and is always keen to bring a human, character-led focus to stories. He's also a quick study of genre conventions and writing styles, and is a keen researcher, so he's comfortable adapting to the needs of the project. He's eager to work on fresh narratives that also teach him something new.

Outside of game writing, Tim is also developing short film scripts, interactive fiction (self-published), short stories, and is writing his first novel.

South West (Wessex)

Game writing and narrative design:

Exogate Initiative (Xeno Bits, 2023 Early Access)

Kandria (Shirakumo Games, 2023)

Galacticare (pre-production) (Brightrock Games, due 2023)

Rough Justice '84 (pre-production) (Gamma Minus, 2023)

Eternia: Pet Whisperer - visual novel (Shinmera, 2021)

Perihelion - interactive fiction (Spring Thing competition, 2021) - recipient of award ribbons for "Best NPC" and "Most Poetic"

War for the Overworld - post-release writing support (Brightrock Games, 2015-2019)

War for the Overworld: The Under Games expansion (Brightrock Games, 2018)

War for the Overworld: My Pet Dungeon expansion (Brightrock Games, 2017)

War for the Overworld: Crucible expansion (Brightrock Games, 2016)

War for the Overworld: Heart of Gold expansion (Brightrock Games, 2016)

Olympus Rising - launch trailer (Flaregames, 2015)

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III - announce trailer pitches (Axis Animation, 2015)

Transformers Universe (Jagex, 2014)


Editing and English localisation:

Herald: An Interactive Period Drama - Books III & IV (Wispfire, due 2023)

TSIOQUE - poetry within the game (OhNoo Studio, 2018)

Herald: An Interactive Period Drama - Books I & II (Wispfire, 2017)

Prime Numbers, Inc. - novelette (FibreTigre, 2015)



Console - short film (BlueCat entry, 2020)


Short stories:

The Otherside of Castle Dane (Didcot Writers shortlist, 2023)

Itsy and the Toothbrush (Didcot Writers shortlist, 2021)

Jane's Dough (Oxfordshire Libraries entry, 2019)

First Validation (Aesthetica entry, 2018)

Books, Childrens writing, Comedy, Film, Poetry, Short story, Videogames