Genevieve Reese

Named after Saint Geneviève, the Patron Saint of Paris, Geneviève started writing stories at the age of five. At fifteen she went to college to become a doctor, however, that chapter of her life didn't last long. She found herself unable to concentrate in class, often dazing off into her own world creating characters and stories that she would jot down in her notebook with hopes of one day sharing them with the world.

Despite her young age, and some initial pushback from others, Geneviève decided to take a leap of faith, leave school, and follow her dreams. She started her career in writing as a script reader while also copywriting for major music labels, honing her skills and developing much needed connections.

Following several years of helping other writers achieve their goals, she decided to apply her skillset to her own work by writing her first novel. Her garnered success encouraged her to expand her brand into film and television. As a screenwriter, Geneviève has written both feature-length scripts and full television series. This new foray was well received, with her maiden spec script fetching a substantial sum.

After inking an eight-figure financing deal to produce some of her upcoming projects, Geneviève established her production company, Eleven Eleven Films Ltd., which is headquartered in Mayfair, London. Despite the impressive professional strides she has made, Geneviève, has chosen to work towards her goal of elevating her passion and talents by currently pursuing an advanced degree in creative writing at the illustrious University of Oxford in England.

Beyond her literary endeavors, Geneviève and her husband are ardent environmentalists, manifesting their commitment through sustainable living practices, a plant-based lifestyle, and diverse entrepreneurial ventures. While London serves as their primary base, they also divide their time between the USA and Italy. When not at home, they can often be found traveling the world doing what they love most, which is charity work.

London (Greater London)

La Couleur De L'Amour (screenplay)

All My Life (screenplay)

The Tie That Binds (screenplay)

At The Water's Edge (screenplay)

The Heart Trials (screenplay)

Collection Plate (screenplay)


Film, Television