Joanne Lau

London (Greater London)

Louisa Minghella / Blake Friedmann Literary Agency


Confidential Project - Sky / The Forge

Partytown - ITV2 / Black Dog Television

Theodosia - HBO Max / Cottonwood

Don’t Blame Me, Blame My Brain - CBBC / Screen Glue

Big Tree City - Netflix / Blue Zoo

Ted’s Top Ten - CITV / Zodiak

Confidential Project - CBBC / Zodiak

What Happens If  - CBBC / Screen Glue

East Asian Shorts - BBC Online

Kit and Pup - CBeebies

Class Dismissed - CBBC

Hair, Teeth, and All - ArtsEd



Misguided Meditations - BBC Radio4

Drop the Dead Panda - BBC Radio 4

Sketchtopia - BBC Radio 4



The Kentucky Meat Shower - Sphinx Theatre / New Earth Theatre

In the Year 2050 There Will be No More Inequality - AIAWTC 50/50

Worth - Yellow Earth Professional Writers Programme

Love by Numbers - Little Pieces of Gold/ Short Plays with Great Roles for Women (Routledge Anthology)

Animation, Childrens writing, Comedy, Film, Online writing, Radio, Television, Theatre, Videogames