Niki Wiltshire

Hi, My name is Niki I am 34. I currently live in West Yorkshire with my fiancé and stepdaughter.

I have Cerebral Palsy and Autism. I have always had a love for film and fantasy novels and I am excited to be given a chance to share my imagination with others.

I am a former admin worker and Special Education Needs Teaching assistant.
While 2020 closed many doors for us as a family, it opened the door to allow me to write, which I am very excited to expand in the years to come.


I have two projects that have been purchased, However both are currently in production and under NDA's

One is a feature-length film, the other a TV series episode. Both original pieces.

Animation, Film, Online writing, Scripted reality, Short story, Television, Videogames

This is a short screenplay I wrote in Final Draft, that has not yet been commissioned. Called Lockdown Escape

INT. WORLD TURNS UPSIDEDOWN - MORNING (DAN, KATHLEEN, ROSIE) FADE IN: (IT IS THE MORNING OF THE ANNOUNCEMENT THAT SCHOOLS HAVE TO CLOSE DUE TO THE PANDEMIC. ROSIE COMES INTO THE LIVING ROOM DRESSED FOR SCHOOL. HER PARENTS ARE SAT ON THE SOFA WATCHING THE NEWS. HER BREAKFAST OF CEREAL AND A GLASS OF WATER WAITING FOR HER ON THE TABLE) ROSIE (HAPPILY) Hi Mum. Hi Dad. I am so excited to go to school and see my friends today! We are playing a game at lunchtime, I can’t wait She walks over to the table and sits down to eat her breakfast (HER PARENTS BOTH LOOK AT EACH OTHER CONCERNED) KATHLEEN (CALMLY) About school sweetheart, we need to talk to you, could you come and sit with us please She moves up into the corner of the sofa, making space between her husband and herself for Rosie to sit in between them and taps her hand on the empty space (LOOKING WORRIED ROSIE SLOWLY MAKES HER WAY TO THE SOFA AND SITS DOWN) ROSIE (LOOKING UP AT HER DAD FOR REASSURANCE What’s wrong Dad? What about school? DAN (TAKES ROSIE’S HAND SOFTLY STROKING IT AND CALMLY SPEAKS) The Prime Minster has just been on the telly explaining about the nasty virus that’s affecting people. To make sure we all stay safe, they have decided to shut schools for the next two weeks giving you an extra long Easter break ROSIE (STARTS TO CRY) Mum please tell me Dads wrong! I really want to go to school today, I had plans and we are going on our school trip to the zoo next week (STILL SOBBING) KATHLEEN (DAN STILL HOLDING ROSIE’S HAND AND IS ALSO NOW STROKING THE BACK OF HER HEAD TRYING HIS BEST TO CONSOLE HIS DAUGHTER WITH HIS WIFE) Putting her arms around Rosie giving her a big hug I’m really sorry sweetie, but Dad is right. Life is going to be a bit different for a while as we all have to stay home. I’m afraid your zoo trip will have to be cancelled too as they are all shut (SMALL PAUSE) Try not to worry too much. Like Dad says it’s an extra long Easter break. We can do lots of fun games together. We can set our days out like a school timetable if you like so you know what is going on? I’m so sorry ROSIE (FRUSTRATED) This is all very confusing! I just want to go to school and see my friends. I don’t know what to do now DAN I know darling. Your mum and I will do the best we can to help you these next few weeks, we promise! They have a family hug FADE TO BLACK. I/E. ROSIE’S FRUSTRATIONS - CONTINUOUS (DAN, KATHLEEN, ROSIE) (IN THE MONTHS THAT FOLLOW THE ANNOUNCEMENT, ROSIE GETS MORE AND MORE FRUSTRATED WITH THE CHANGING RULES. ONE DAY SHE HAS TO STAY IN, THE NEXT SHE CAN MEET A FRIEND IN HER GARDEN THEN SHE’S NOT ALLOWED AGAIN. SCENE TO SHOW TIME PASSING THROUGH THE NEXT FIVE MONTHS, WITH ROSIE DOING SCHOOL WORK AT HOME, PLAYING INSIDE, GOING THROUGH A DAILY ROUTINE AND FOCUSING ON HER FRUSTRATION WORSENING. PARENTS ARE IN THE SCENE BOTH PLAYING WITH ROSIE AND HELPING WITH HOME SCHOOLING, BUT THE CAMERA FOCUS IS ON ROSIE) (SCENE HAS NO TALKING BUT MUSIC TO ACCENTUATE THE ACTION/STORY UNFOLDING ON SCREEN. A CHANCE TO SHOW CHARACTER BUILDING WITHOUT DIALOUGUE) FADE TO BLACK. INT. GROWING CONCERNS - MORNING FIVE MONTHS HAVE PASSED FROM THE START OF SCENE 2 (DAN, KATHLEEN, ROSIE) FADE IN: (BOTH PARENTS ARE IN THE LIVING ROOM, WITH ROSIE IN THE BACKGROUND GETTING FRUSTRATED) KATHLEEN (CONCERNED TONE) Dan I’m really worried about Rosie! The rules changing all the time is not helping her autism, she’s getting incredibly frustrated. What can we do? Looking over at Rosie, then to her husband DAN Glances outside and turns to his wife I know. These last few months have been tough on her. On all of us. I wish there was more we could do to help her! It’s a beautiful day, she’s been wanting to go to the beach for a while. Seeing as we can’t take her to the beach, why don’t we bring the beach to her? (SMALL PAUSE) I ordered some new colourful sand for her that I was going to put in her sandpit. We could put an edge around the table and pour it on there, with some water in a clear tub as the sea KATHLEEN (SMILING) That’s a great idea! I’ll keep her busy while you set it up Turns and walks towards Rosie, interacting with her and her game (DANS GOES OFF QUIETLY AND STARTS GATHERING THE ITEMS TO MAKE THE BEACH) FADE TO BLACK: EXT. BEACH PARTY - MOMENTS LATER (ROSIE) (THE SUN IS BEAMING INTO THE BACK GARDEN, A MAKESHIFT BEACH SET UP ON THE DECKING, SAND ON THE TABLE WITH A SMALL DOLLS SUNBED AND PARASOL IN THE MIDDLE. A CLEAR TUB FILLED WITH WATER AND A SLIDE FOR DOLLS. ROSIE SAT AT THE TABLE SMILING) ROSIE (EXCITED) Thank you this is amazing! My dolls love it and so do I. Can we make a sandcastle? Pleeeassse! Looking at her parents who are sat at the table with her (BOTH PARENTS SAY OF COURSE) Everyone is happily playing in the sand smiling and laughing, they each make a sand castle and Rosie splashes her dolls in the water EXT. MAGICAL GATEWAY - MOMENTS LATER (DAN AND KATHLEEN, ROSIE) (ABOUT HALF AN HOUR PASSES, DAN AND KATHLEEN HAVE GONE TO COLLECT SOME DRINKS, WHEN SOMETHING STRANGE HAPPENS) ROSIE (STILL HAPPILY PLAYING WITH HER DOLLS IN THE ‘SEA’ WHEN IT SUDDENLY BEGINS TO REFLECT PURPLE) What’s that? Looking up from playing to notice the doorway to her trampoline glowing a really bright purple, shimmering in the sunlight. Rosie picks up her walking stick from under her chair and slowly makes her way over to her trampoline. The glowing getting brighter as she approaches. She takes hold of the left pole and steps inside (SHE FINDS HERSELF NO LONGER IN HER BACK GARDEN. SOMEHOW SHE HAS BEEN TRANSPORTED TO THE MOST COLOURFUL ABSTRACT LAND SHE HAS EVER SEEN. NEON COLOURED SHAPES FLOAT AROUND HER, THE FLOOR IS BRIGHT YELLOW. IT LOOKS LIKE LEGO BUT IS SMOOTH TO STAND ON) (EXCITED GET SLIGHTLY SHOCKED/NERVOUS TONE) Wow!!!!! this is sooo pretty where am I? Rosie steps a bit further inside, noticing that she finds it easier to walk like she was in water. She grabs one of the shapes that are in front of her and the Lego effect floor pops up under where she hovers the shape. She places the shape down and it transforms into a flower. She grabs a second shape, the same thing happens the floor rises up this time in a different formation, she places the shape down and it turns into a butterfly Eeekkkk this is so amazing I need to show Mum and Dad! She turns around to see her garden through the doorway of her trampoline, glancing behind her the flower and butterfly are still there. She walks out of the doorway, walking stick in her right hand eagerly wanting to tell her parents her new discovery (SHOUTING EXCITEDLY) Mum! Dad! Come quick! You have to come see what I have found. The trampoline took me to this AMAZING place with coloured shapes that transform when I put them on the floor. Come see! (HER PARENTS COME TO THE BACK DOOR WITH THE DRINKS, SEE THE GLOWING TRAMPOLINE. THEY DROP THE DRINKS THAT ARE IN PLASTIC BEAKERS IN SHOCK AND RUSH OVER TO ROSIE) Come on quickly! (RUSHING THEM FORWARDS) DAN AND KATHLEEN (STILL IN SHOCK USING PARENTAL CONCERN VOICES AND SPEAK TOGTHER) Wait Rosie! What’s happening! Be carful this may not be safe! ROSIE (STILL EXCITED) It is safe I promise! I’ve already been inside, you have to come and seeee! She leads her parents inside the trampoline portal but doesn’t see what she expects CUT TO: EXT. MARSHMALLOW LAND - CONTINUOUS (DAN, KATHLEEN, ROSIE) They are faced with a sea of white marshmallow. Floating dogs barking happily that have marshmallow fur and chocolate buttons or jelly tots for noses. Swaying trees that have biscuit trunks and marshmallow leaves. There wasn’t really a floor so much as a surrounding fog of marshmallow that scoops them up, forms a chair and carries them in further ROSIE (LOOKING AMAZED AND WITH A HIGH PITCHED FAST VOICE SHOUTS) Wow! This isn’t where I was a minute ago. What’s happening? It’s even more magical! Looking around as they float side by side. She jumps as a flake of marshmallow lands on her noise, scooping it off onto her finger, licks it and her eyes grow wide with excitement Mum, Dad you can eat it! Try some it’s yummy! Looking over at her parents before scooping more marshmallow from her chair and eating it KATHLEEN (CONCERNED TONE) Sweetie, I’m not sure that’s the best idea we don’t know where we are Looking over at Dan who has a mouthful of marshmallow looking sheepish (KATHLEEN ROLLS HER EYES) Dan seriously! Not helpful DAN (LAUGHING) Looking back at his wife and in awe of the land What? Rosie’s right it’s delicious, I couldn’t help myself. Seriously though try some. (TRYING TO GAIN SOME COMPOSURE, SERIOUS YET COMMICAL TONE) Listen to you Mother though Rosie, we should be careful (DOG PUP BARKING ROSIE LAUGHING) Dan looks over at Rosie, a tiny marshmallow puppy was floating around her arms barking and licking her ROSIE (LAUGHING) Stop it that tickles! Aren’t you cute! (HE CURLS UP ON HER LAP AND SNUGGLES UNDER HER ARM) I shall call you Mallow They float towards an opening in the marshmallow clouds, Rosie looks down and sees the abstract land she first encountered, her butterfly and flower still there Look! That’s where I was before, I made those shapes! DAN Looks down and sees the abstract land That is just how you described it! This is certainly a magical place The mallow chairs float down through the clouds and fade away from under them leaving them in the abstract land ROSIE (STILL WITH MALLOW SAT UPON HER SHOULDER) Come on come and see what I did! Guiding her parents over to where she was playing previously. The flower and butterfly still there, but a new lego floor and floating shapes appear. Rosie picks up the piece closer to her and places it onto the base. Dad could you bring me that piece please? Pointing towards a curved block closet to her father DAN Picks up the lego block Rosie pointed to and starts walking towards her. Not used to the seemingly lack of gravity trips over his own foot and floats the rest of the way Wwooohhhhh. Oooppsss Stumbles a landing close to Rosie giving her the lego piece laughing I meant to do that! hahaha (ROSIE LAUGHING HER HEAD OFF AT HER DAD, KATHLEEN WHILE LOOKING CONCERED BREAKS OUT A SMALL LAUGH AT HER CLUMSY HUSBAND) ROSIE Adding more pieces to her new art, looking around for the final block. Look there mum the pointy top. You should put it on and watch what happens KATHLEEN Taking hold of the pointy block that was now floating in front of her Kathleen walks forward, carful not to repeat Dan’s mistake. She places the last piece into place and watches in awe as the blocky shape transformed into a smooth, tall pyramid. What is this place? Before Kathleen got her answer the mallow chairs reappear, scooping them up and whooshing back above the clouds, seeming to move through lands (KATHLEEN STILL LOOKING WORRIED, DAN HANGING OVER THE SIDE OF HIS CHAIR AND ROSIE STILL LAUGHING AND HAPPY WITH MALLOW NOW CURLED BACK UP ON HER LAP) They float along for a few minutes until they reach another gap in the clouds DAN (BEGINING TO SOUND MORE EXCITED) Look down there! Pirate ships, and was that a Dragon I just saw glide by? I must be seeing things! (A FEW SECONDS LATER A GLISTENING GREEN DRAGON SHOOTS UP THROUGH THE CLOUDS, ROARS LOUDLY AND INSTEAD OF FIRE BREATHES OUT A STREAM OF GLITTER TO MATCH HIS GLISTENING GLITTER SCALES) They all retract back into their seats shocked at the sight. The Dragon flies up between their mallow cloud chairs and wraps itself around Kathleen’s chair, letting out a snort of glitter that rained down over her KATHLEEN (SHOCKED BUT LOOKING MORE AT EASE) No I would definitely say you saw a Dragon and a glitter one at that! Now covered glitter herself, she peers down through the gap seeing the pirate ships floating on the shimmering sea of glitter, even parts of the ship were glitter as they twinkled in the suns rays. That must be the land of glitter! The chairs carrying them stop suddenly as if allowing them to watch the scenes below (SMALL FIGURINES WITH LARGE HEADS AND SMALL BODIES JUMPING AROUND ON THEIR NEAR BY ISLAND. THE PIRATES ON THE SHIPS FIRING THIER CONNONS AT THE ISLAND. THESE ALSO CONTAIN GLITTER AND SEEMED TO EXCITE THE BIG HEADED FIGURES) They look very peculiar, and seem to love glitter! (MALLOW STILL CURLED UP ON ROSIE’S LAP AND SHE’S STROKING HIM WHILE LOOKING DOWN AT THE WORLD BELOW) After a few minutes the chairs begin to move forward again with a jolt. A mist forms around them making it difficult to see, then up ahead the mist begins to clear and the marshmallow begins to solidify into a platform, the chairs carrying them floated over the platform and disappear, leaving them standing in an empty space ROSIE (EXPECTING TO FEEL UNEASY AND HAVE NO BALANCE) With Mallow curled up on her shoulder she takes her walking stick and tests the ground. It was bouncy The floor is bouncy look! Dropping her stick at her side begins to bounce, the marshmallow clouds supporting her and bouncing her high This is amazing! Mum, Dad join me it’s loads of fun! Both parents start bouncing, they go higher each time. Higher and higher, until they go so high they are in the star filled sky. Ooooo this is the best one yet! Look Dad a shooting star! (MALLOW FLOATING BESIDE HER BARKING AWAY) They begin to float back in the direction of the portal their garden coming closer into view, through the small gap. They reach it and step through KATHLEEN (FROM THE DOORWAY OF THE HOUSE) Rosie, Dan we best start bringing things in and get you dried off sweetie Holding a towel in her hand walks towards Rosie who is fastened into her trampoline, bouncing higher than ever (THE BASE OF THE TRAMPOLINE HAS YELLOW SHEETING, WITH WATER AND BUBBLES. THE TOP OF THE TRAMPOLINE COVERED IN A BEDSHEET WITH GLITTER, HER WALKING STICK AT THE OPENING ON THE FLOOR. THE BEACH ON THE TABLE IN THE BACKGROUND WITH A PIRATE SHIP SANDCASTLE AND SMALL FIGURINES) ROSIE (GROANING) Aww mum five more minutes this was the best adventure ever! FADE TO BLACK.