Jody Medland

Jody Medland is a screenwriter, author and playwright whose work is renowned for its strong characters and original concepts.

In 2013, Jody wrote his debut feature film The Adored, which went on to enjoy worldwide distribution, winning Best Film at the Durban Film Festival in South Africa as well as earning three official selections in Poland, Germany and the USA.

In 2015 he released his debut paperback novel The Moors, and he has been commissioned by several producers and production companies to develop original film and TV projects that are currently at various stages of production.

Jody’s first play The Unspoken ran for 2-weeks in London to much acclaim before he won a spot on a mentorship programme at the Criterion Theatre. In November 2019 his next play The Intruder, was showcased at the Criterion and is tipped for a West End run in the near future. He has also penned an original stage version of Columbo and has optioned it to an established theatre producer, who is currently seeking the stage rights for the franchise.

When not juggling his numerous projects, Jody can be found spending time with his daughter in Devon or people-watching in Crouch End, North London, whilst sipping on his Waitrose latte.

Jody is a full member of the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain.

London (Greater London)

Screenwriter, Words Escape Me (Black Comedy / Drama)
Feature film optioned by producer Bob Blagden, London (2020)

Screenwriter, The Christmas Helper’s Handbook (Family / Romance)
Feature film being circulated to producers and production companies, USA (2020)

Playwright, Columbo: Casting Shadows (Crime / Drama)
Play optioned by producer, Adam Morley, London (2020)

Playwright, The Intruder (Mystery / Whodunnit / Farce)
Play developed and performed at the Criterion Theatre, London (2019)

Screenwriter, Clessidra (Sci-fi / Fantasy)
Feature film, hired by filmmaker Michela Marini, London (2019)

Playwright, Producer & Director, The Unspoken (Black Comedy / Drama)
Play performed at the Barons Court Theatre, London (2018)

Screenwriter, Shadow Empire (Political Thriller / Drama)
TV series, hired by One Eyed Dog Films to write pilot and series bible, London (2016-2018)

Author, The Moors (Horror / Mystery / Thriller)
Novel published by Pen Works Media, London (2016)

Writer & Director, Over the Edge (Drama / Thriller)
Short film, hired by filmmaker Chris Kelham, London (2013)

Screenwriter, The Adored (Psychological Thriller / Drama)
Feature film, hired by Discovery Films UK, London (2012)

Screenwriter, Track the Ripper (Crime / Mystery)
Live-action app, hired by The Fink Agency, London (2012)

Books, Film, Television, Theatre

Full writing samples available upon request.