Vanessa Alexander

Vanessa Alexander is an award-winning writer, director and producer who shares her time between Australia and the UK. She is a staff writer on the Emmy nominated comedy-drama series THE GREAT and has written an episode for the British-Canadian crime drama series TIN STAR, as well as episodes for Australian dramas LOVE CHILD and THE WRONG GIRL. Vanessa has participated in writers’ rooms for Matchbox, Endomol, Playmaker, See-Saw, Porchlight, Jungle, Gaumont and Kudos. She is currently writing on a new historical series for MGM/Netflix, has two pilots with Artis Pictures/BBC Studios and a comedy project for Gaumont.

Additional Information

Vanessa has studied extensively, including most recently with Joan Sheckel (Transparent), attending her intensive series drama course in LA, and previously with renowned theatre director and comedy expert Philippe Gaulier in Paris and as a trainee director for Steven Bochco on Murder One and NYPD Blue in LA.

Vanessa is a former Board Member of the NZ Film Commission, former Chair of Script-to- Screen (the NZ Writers Foundation) and for several years was the Director of Screen Production at University of Auckland. She has also lectured at universities in Sydney and Paris.

She has a BA in English Literature, Graduate Diploma in Directing, a Masters in Film, Television and Media Studies, has recently written a PhD on Television Romantic Comedy narratives and somehow also managed to acquire 5 kids, and a foster son. This and her wider family of mathematicians, politicians, doctors and cocaine smugglers have helped to ensure she is rarely stuck for story in a writers’ room.

London (Greater London)

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+44 (0)20 7467 0125


THE GREAT  Hulu (2020)
9 x 60’ episodes
Staff Writer

TIN STAR 3 Gaumont/Kudos (2019)
1 x 60’ episode

THE GREAT  Hulu (2017)
8 x 30’ episodes
Staff Writer - 6 Week Story Room

THE WRONG GIRL Series 1 & 2 Playmaker Media (2016-7)
2 x 60’ episode
Nominated of Best Television Drama Script Australian Writer Awards 2018

SECRET DAUGHTER 2 Screentime (2017)
1 x 60’ episode

LOVE CHILD Playmaker Media (2017)
2 x 60’ episode

AGENT ANNA Great Southern Television (2012)
6 x 30’ episodes
Producer Rachel Gardner
Winner of Best Comedy Script NZWG Awards 2013

THIS IS NOT MY LIFE GRST, Desert Rd, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment & TVNZ (2010)
13 x 60’ episodes
Script Producer/Storyliner with Gavin Strawhan and Rachel Lang

POWER RANGERS Disney Studios (2007-9)
3 series
9 x 30’ episodes

BURYING BRIAN Eyeworks & TVNZ & NZOA (2008)
TV Drama – 6 x 1 hour series
Storyliner with Gavin Strawhan and Maxine Fleming

THE PRETENDER Great Southern Television (2006)
Producer Rachel Gardner
Script Producer – 6 x 30’ episodes
Writer – 2 x 30’ episodes

MADDIGAN’S QUEST BBC Television, South Pacific Pictures &TV3 (2005)
2 x 30’ episodes
N.Y. FESTIVAL – Winner of Certificate for BEST DIRECTION 2006

OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE South Pacific Pictures & TV 3 (2005)
2 x 60’ episodes
Nominated for Qantas Media Award for Best Director 2006
Nominated for New Zealand Screen Awards Best Director 2005

BEING EVE Series 1 & 2 Nickelodeon, South Pacific Pictures & TV 3
26 x 30’ episodes
Producer/ Director/Story Producer
Winner of New Zealand Screen Award for BEST OVERALL SERIES 2003
N Y Festival – Winner of Gold Medal YOUTH PROGRAMMES 2003
N Y Festival – Winner of Silver Medal YOUTH PROGRAMMES 2004
Winner of GRAND PRIX at Danube Television Festival 2004
Winner of New Zealand Screen Award for BEST CHILDREN’S SERIES 2005
Nominated for International Emmy Award for YOUTH PROGRAMMES 2003


MAGIK AND ROSE Kahukura Productions, NZFC and Essential Films Distribution (2001)
Winner of Jury Prize Oporto Film Festival
Winner of Spada New Filmmaker of The Year
Nominated for New Zealand Screen Awards – Best Writer 2001
Nominated for New Zealand Screen Awards – Best Director 2001


Comedy, Film, Television