Jaye Swift

Jaye L Swift, born in Malawi, but moved to England when she was six, now lives in the Vale of Glamorgan.  She ran her own photography business for eighteen years before turning to her first love, writing.  She has successfully written for stage and screen, and has produced several short films.  She is now writing her first novel set five years after World War 2.




  • The Missing of Mametz - produced by Fluellen Theatre - Swansea Grand Theatre, Porthcawl Pavillion, Abertillery Met - Autumn 2023

  • The Balloon Girl - produced by Fluellen Theatre - Swansea Grand Theatre, Porthcawl Grand Pavillion, Abertillery Met - Autumn 2022

  •  The Bevin Boy - produced by Fluellen Theatre - Swansea Grand Theatre, Maesteg Town Hall - Autumn 2019

  • Inside Out – produced by Fluellen Theatre – Swansea Grand Theatre, Maesteg Town Hall, Porthcawl Grand Pavillion - Spring  2018.

  • Cefn Golau – produced by Fluellen Theatre – Swansea Grand Theatre, May 2016/Porthcawl Grand Pavilion - June 2016

  • No Known Grave – produced by Fluellen Theatre – Swansea Grand Theatre – Feb/Oct 2015/Porthcawl Grand Pavilion. Ongoing performances into 2016.

  • Beam Me Up Doctor – Finalist Pint Sized Plays, Oct 2015.

  • Anamnesis 25.12 – Collaborative Writer, Mercury Theatre Wales Dec 14/Dec15

  • Ruby and Pearl – Finalist Pint Sized Plays, Oct 2014. (Third Place)

  • FallOut 84 – Collaborative writer, Jul 2014 Pontardawe Arts Centre.

  • Fettered – produced by Fluellen Theatre - Swansea Grand Theatre , June 2014/ Porthcawl Grand Pavilion Aug 2014

  • Catch the Echoes Collaborative writer, April 2014 Pontardawe Arts Centre.

  • Letters Home – Audience Award – Pontardawe ScriptSlam, Nov 2012.

  • A Life Lost – Rehearsed Reading - Spread the Word (Sherman Cymru Theatre) - Oct 2012


  • Moving On – short film. Produced by It’s My Shout/Made in Wales – Oct 2014 (Awarded Best Film/Best Actor/Best Lighting)

  •  Letters Home - short film.  Written and produced by Jaye. Screened various venues      over two years including Vue Cinema Cardiff during the Cardiff International  Film        Festival where it went on to win Best Welsh Short, 2017

Books, Film, Online writing, Poetry, Radio, Short story, Television, Theatre

Extract from the radio play The Balloon Girl.



F/X:                                 HUBBUB OF ONLOOKERS

JOHN:                             And then she did it. She jumped.

                                         Down and down she fell with no sign of a parachute.  Just Louisa                                                  hurtling towards the ground.

                                         It seemed like an eternity. I swear to God I stopped breathing, but                                                     finally there it was, the shute.

F/X:                                HEARTY CHEERS FROM ONLOOKERS.

JOHN:                           I never want to live through anything like that again; I was going                                          to   give her what for when I saw her.  Bleeding frightening the                                             living  daylights out of me like that.

GUADRON:                She didn’t drop over the infirmary; she’s gone too far south-east.  I                                                told her to drop over the infirmary. Silly, silly girl.

JOHN:                           Silly girl?

JOHN:                           Gaudron took off in the direction the balloon had gone, pushing                                                     through the gawping crowd.

JOHN:                              South east? Gaudron! That’s towards the Bristol Channel.

JOHN:                              I took off after him; Louisa’s sodding milk could wait.

F/X:                                 PUSHING AND BARGING THROUGH CROWDS; A HORSE                                                             WHINNEYS

JOHN:                              Gaudron commandeered a horse and carriage.

 JOHN:                             Guadron! You got boats standing by ain’t you?

JOHN:                              Gaudron, ignored me, he climbed into the carriage and made haste                                             towards the sea, leaving me behind.

F/X:                                   HORSE AND CARRIAGE OVER COBBLESTONES - FADES                                                              OUT  THEN BACK IN

JOHN:                              He returned forty five minutes later without Louisa. He climbed out                                            of that carriage looking like a condemned man.

JOHN:                              Guadron?  Where is she?  You found her right?

JOHN:                              Guadron ignored me.  He pushed his way through the waiting                                                       crowds.

JOHN:                              Gaudron! You found her right?

JOHN:                              Then the nightmare began.

                                           It turned into the waiting game.

F/X:                                   QUIET DRUM ROLL WHICH INCREASES AS JOHN RECITES                                                      THE  QUOTES

JOHN:                              Roll up, roll up... hear all about it, rumours, speculation,                                                                misjudged  opinions.  Gossip, heresay, and fancy conclusions.

F/X:                                  JOHN IMITATES DIFFERENT VOICES

JOHN:                              (VOICE 1) A telegram has been received at the exhibition.  The                                                        Balloon Girl has fallen into the sea, a boat went after her, she                                                          waved her hand to say she was alright.

                                          (VOICE 2) The fair young parachutist has been picked up and                                                         taken to  Cardiff Infirmary, in an exhausted condition.

                                         (VOICE 3) The balloon, in a damaged state, has been retrieved by                                                  a  larger crowd, three quarters of a mile away from where                                                               Mademoiselle  had landed in the sea.

                                        (VOICE 4)  A three mast schooner has sailed to the spot where                                                        Mademoiselle Albertina landed and rescued her.

F/X:                              DRUM ROLL REACHES ITS CLIMAX - THEN SILENCE

JOHN:                          None of these rumours or sightings were true.  So where was she?                                                 Where was my Louisa?  I went to look for the Frenchman.

F/X:                              HUBBUB OF FINE ARTS FAIR

JOHN:                           I found Gaudron under siege by the townspeople, warding off the                                                press and the mob.

JOHN:                           What’ve you done, Gaudron?  What have you bloody well done?!

JOHN:                            He looked at me over the heads of the crowd, his face stricken.                                                       Then  he was gone, scuttled away, the press hard on his heels.

JOHN:                            I summoned a cab and asked to be taken to the mouth of the                                                          Rumney River.