Arianna Reiche

Arianna Reiche is an American writer based in London. Her fiction has appeared in Ambit Magazine, Popshot, Berlin’s SAND Journal, and Glimmer Train, who awarded her first prize in their 2017 Fiction Open. Her collection of short-fiction, titled ‘The Nebbish’, is currently on submission through Curtis Brown. She has done live readings at the Tate Modern in London and Acud Macht Neu in Berlin, and her non-fiction and features have appeared in Vogue International, Vice, Fest Magazine, USA Today, and New Scientist. She worked closely with Pulitzer-nominated author and screenwriter Dave Eggers at McSweeney’s Publishing in San Francisco, and received her MA in Creative and Life Writing from Goldsmiths College in 2013.

She has also worked in video-games (presently as Lead Writer at Fluffy Gem Studio), production, and new media across London, New York, and San Francisco. She has contributed to digital marketing projects for several major feature films (including Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and other Twentieth Century Fox titles), worked in Manhattan’s ‘blogosphere’ (Kotaku, Gawker, Jezebel), and consulted on game scripts for Activision Ltd.

In 2018 her prize-winning story ‘Archive Warden’ was optioned by Assemble Media in New York, and she has begun developing projects based on other creative works.

She is always looking for projects in film/TV/games development and script-editing.

London (Greater London)

Fiction - Norah Perkins, Curtis Brown

UNTITLED MOBILE GAME - Lead Writer - Fluffy Gem Studio (2019 - pres)

Archive Warden (Pilot) - Writer - Assemble Media (2019)

UNTITLED RPG CREATION SERIES - Treatment Writer - Curtis Brown (2019)

The Nebbish - Writer - Curtis Brown (2019)

'Advent' - Popshot - Issue 22 The Nostalgia Issue (2018)

'First Star' - Ambit Magazine - Issue 234 (2018)

'Archive Warden' - Glimmer Train, First Prize 2017 Fiction Open - Issue 103 (2018)

'Giffnock' - Lighthouse Issue 6 - (2014)

Various Features - Vice, New Scientist, The Independent, USA Today, Fest Magazine, Kotaku, Vogue International - (2008 - 2019)

Books, Comedy, Film, Short story, Television, Videogames