Tilly Lunken

London (Greater London)

Productions – 2019:

ET TU: Tamora & Caesar – In Souliloquy (Vimeo)
ET TU: Cressida & Caliban – In Souliloquy (Vimeo)
ET TU: Eleanor and Diana – In Souliloquy (Vimeo)
Currently writing: Undermined – The Fatberg Musical, on residency with Clarence Mews Studio and a full-length version of Flooded in association with director Vicky Olusanya. 

Productions – 2018:

On Guard – V&T Productions (Vimeo)
Ophelia In Souliloquy #Revisited – In Souliloquy (Vimeo)
Mechanicals Macbeth – In Souliloquy – in production.
ET TU: Bianca and Mariana – In Souliloquy (Vimeo)
Hecate In Fall – Seasonal Souliloquy – In Souliloquy (Vimeo)
Flooded. – Development residency Month of Making – Clarence Mews Studio.
Flooded. @ The Platform. (The Joy Offensive/Bread & Roses).
The People’s Rock Co-writer/lyricist (Nevertheless She/Vault Festival)

The Recruiting Officer (tv pilot) – in development

Productions 2017:

Fran and the Littlest Reindeer (Bread & Roses/Rosemary Branch)
Mechanicals’ Macbeth (Extract at Criterion New Writing Showcase)
Flooded. (The Joy Offensive, Lyric Hammersmith)
Mechanicals’ Macbeth: A Witches Extract (Pop Up Shakespeare, Crouch End Fest/Attila Theatre)
ET TU: Goneril & Iachimo – In Souliloquy (Vimeo)
ET TU: Sebastian & Petruchio – In Souliloquy (Vimeo)
Between The Books (In The Bellows)
The Tell-Tale (Dogfish Theatre Company/Wise Words Festival)
ET TU: Sebastian & Petruchio @ Briefs XVI (West Ave Theatre Co)
Snout @ Where Do We Go From Here (In Souliloquy/Goblin Baby Theatre Co)
Jessica In Spring – Seasonal Souliloquy – In Souliloquy (Vimeo)
Ariel In Winter – Seasonal Souliloquy – In Souliloquy. (Vimeo)

Productions 2016:

In Souliloquy – co devisor/producer and writer of Digital Theatre monologue project In Souliloquyhttp://insouliloquy.com. New Monologues: Juliet, Lady Macbeth, Helena, The Fool, Lavinia, Yorick, Richard III, The Soothsayer, Miranda, Emilia, Viola, Titania, Cleopatra, Ophelia, Abhorsen, Tybalt, Katherina, Doll Tearsheet, Cassandra, Lady Macduff, Marina and Don John. (Vimeo)
Snout In Souliloquy - #WorldStage; Digital Theatre production. (Vimeo)
Fresh Legs (Bread and Roses Theatre) 

Productions 2015:

Dynamite II – in The Princess Monologues (Goblin Baby/Space Arts Centre/Hen and Chickens/Bread and Roses/Theatre N16@TheBedford)
Take It (Goblin Baby/Bread and Roses)
Fresh Legs (Paint Dry/Theatre N16)

Productions 2014:

Beauty and the Beast (Norwich Puppet Theatre)
Fated R&D/Showcase (Dogfish Theatre Company/Little Angel Theatre/Norwich Puppet/OVNV Start Up)
To Be A Wife (Goblin Baby Theatre Company/ Hen and Chickens)
Processed (Goblin Baby Theatre Company/Camden Fringe)
Christmas Lunch (Menagerie Theatre Company/Cambridge Junction)
The Snow White Complex (Goblin Baby Theatre Company)
Mint Leaves (Unrestricted View/Hen and Chickens)


Further Screen Writing Folio: A Little Chicken (short film); Tea with Granny Bea (animation pilot) Processed. (short developed through North London Film Partnership).

Animation, Childrens writing, Film, Poetry, Theatre