Alexandra Taylor

I'm an award-winning stage and screen writer, based in Birmingham. My strength is in creating quirky characters with distinctive voices and naturalistic dialogue. My work features ordinary people in everyday situations, often with an absurd or surreal twist. I’m passionate about roles for women (on screen and behind the scenes), being inclusive of different gender identities and sexualities, and creating art in and about Birmingham.

West Midlands

Short Films:
Taking Back Control (2019)
- in post production, due for release in March 2019
The Art of Travel (2017)
- nominated for Best Local Film at Birmingham Film Festival 2018
The Reason I Shop Online (2016)
- won Audience Choice Award in SF48 competition
Next Stop LA (2016)
- finalist in Film 48 competition

Short Plays:
Taking Back Control (2018)
- selected for performance at Deadman's New Writing Night
No Place Like Home (2018)
- selected for performance at Deadman's New Writing Night
Cake (2017)
- staged at Birmingham REP
Passing Through (2016)
- selected for performance at Oldham Coliseum Theatre
- shortlisted for Sheer Height Theatre’s ‘Women Redressed‘ competition

Longer Works:
Carol's Christmas (2019)
– a modern adaptation of A Christmas Carol, to be staged at Lighthorne Festival in June
Raving Pink Panto (2018)
– full length queer version of Cinderella, staged at All Services Club, Birmingham
The Endless Village (2018)
– 40min surreal drama, screened at Aspex Portsmouth and Eastside Projects Birmingham
Any Other Business (2017)
– 40min sitcom, staged at Birmingham Comedy Festival
Ava's Wedding (2015)
- full length opera, with music by Michael Wolters, staged at Birmingham Crescent Theatre

Film, Television, Theatre