Philip Lawrence

In 2007 Philip began writing for the stage and received his first full production in 2008 at The Union Theatre with "It's Behind You!". He followed up the following year with "Oh No It Isn't!" and various subsequent productions on the London Fringe.

In 2010 he penned his first Doctor Who audio for Big Finish Productions.

In 2016 he won the C21 Drama Script Prize with "Euthanasia In Suburbia".

In 2018 he received his first commission for EastEnders and successfully passed BBC Writersroom's shadow scheme for Casualty.

He's since written several episodes for both as well as developing his own original series.

He's very interested in sci fi, domestic noir thrillers and family dramas.

London (Greater London)

Diane Culverhouse
Culverhouse Associates

BBC Casualty S35 Ep10

BBC EastEnders Ep 6116

BBC Casualty S34 Ep40

BBC Casualty S34 Ep21

BBC EastEnders Ep5993

BBC EastEnders Ep5969

BBC EastEnders Ep5923

BBC EastEnders Ep5887

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Rainbow - 5min Theatre

Doctor Who: The Fifth Traveller - Audio (Big Finish Productions)

Not The Droids You're Looking For - 5min Theatre

Doctor Who: The Other Woman- Audio (Big Finish Productions)

Doctor Who: Little Doctors - Audio (Big Finish Productions)

Space Ladz - Audio (Wireless Theatre Company)

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Oh No It Isn't! - Theatre

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