Lynwood Shiva Sawyer

My peripatetic life continues.

Studied with Norman Rosten, the late Poet Laureate of Brooklyn and Adi S. Irani and Bhau Kalchuri, disciples of the silent India Master, Meher Baba.

My goal in life is to escape with no hyphens, but I've received some AP credits, which, as they are usually, loosey goosey credits, I feel shouldn't count.

My ambition is to write a Ingmar Bergman-style film romantic drama, without his cheerful, optimistic outlook, in the style of LAST YEAR AT MARIENBAD, but sans that film's thrill-a-minute momentum.

Mostly get paid for genre films (sci-fi, horror, action-feature), script doctoring, etc. but what I love are passion projects based on director's favorite books.

I think I am one of the few writers who feels sorry for producers, and I actually enjoy working with them.

Have a degree in organic chemistry. Edited THE INQUISITON, an underground paper in the American South. Was a concert promoter and music producer in Wombat Productions (see Miles Davis bio, page 181). Founder and Editor Emeritus, Pigtown Books and Hidden Pearl Books.


London (Greater London)

Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine's 500th First Mystery, "The Shattered Rose."

AN UNCERTAIN CURRENCY (with Frances Witlin) - Psychological / Occult mystery set in the American South [Kindle Edition published as OTHER ARMS, OTHER EYES]

DECEMBER NEVER YIELDS - First Light Stage Company - Charlotte, North Carolina
PECOS DIAMOND - Featured Reading at RADA Graduate New Writing Workshop (prod. Lloyd Trott, starring Julia Tarnoky)

SPACE AVENGER (dir. Richard W. Haines), one of the world's last true three-strip, dye-transfer Technicolor films.
SPY (dir. Jim MacPherson & Alex Klymko), starring Vinnie Pastore [THE SOPRANOS] and Frank Vincent [GOODFELLAS, which also starred Giana Mastrogiacomo (Janet Rossi), who was also the star of SPACE AVENGER]

In Preproduction:
SYMBIONT - What if the Aliens were in league with the 1% to enslave the world through student debt and force Millennials to work in vast underground warehouses. Until a naive farm girl and an Iraq veteran with PTSD open a major can of whoop-ass (prod. EQ-Films, dir. Martyn Pick).
VAMPIRES OF HOLLYWOOD - The Centurion who pierced Jesus's side with a lance is turned into a Vampire for his service and tasked with bringing Satan's son into the world. Unfortunately, the Inquisition cuts off all communication between Satan and the Vampire. Until the 20th century, when Satan inspires the creation of social media to communicate with the Vampire, now a Goth rock star. (Prod. EQ-Films, dir. Rob Hollocks).
MAISAURA - A female-overcomes-adversity script, based on the life of Anna Kennedy, mother of two autistic kids. She founded Europe's largest school for people on the ASD spectrum against overwhelming odds. (Prod. Unfolding Entertainment, dir. Marianna Dean).

In development:
PEACE FURY & THE DYNAMITE KING (A Story of Longing) - David Lean style romantic drama set in 19th century Vienna, Paris and Caucasus. (Prod. Cara Buonincontri)

Books, Film, Short story, Theatre

Opening sequence of THE LAST SECRET (an unproduced Dan Brown-style religious Action-Adventure/Thriller based on real events).

Where appropriate, DIALOGUE is in original language and subtitled.


A mace POUNDS on a wooden door as the wind HOWLS and sheets of rain blow past.


Carved on the mace is the INQUISITION EMBLEM (shield, olive branches, Cross and sword, and the motto: "Exsungte, Domine! Judica causam tuam, Capite nobis vulpes.")

A slot in the door opens. A DOORMAN glimpses the Inquisition Emblem on the mace and the identical emblem on a silver ring worn by-

The mace wielder, Tomas KRATKY, late 20s. His precocious maturity reeks of steely ambition. His left eye weeps when he is stressed, and he often dabs it with a handkerchief.

Two muscular CLERICS, cassocks visible beneath drenched raincoats, another Priest, VASCO, late 20s (who holds a large silver BOX) flank Kratky.

Open! In the name of the Holy Office!

The door opens. The Clerics, followed by Kratky and Vasco, push their way into an-


(to Doorman)
Where is the Cardinal?

The Doorman involuntarily looks up. Kratky nods. He, the Clerics and Vasco rush up a magnificent staircase to enter the-


where CARDINAL CEREJEIRA, 60s, kneels, clutching LUCIA'S ENVELOPE, blue, with faded writing.

Before him is an altar with a crucifix. Lit candles B&W 1917 PHOTOS of three Portuguese SHEPHERD CHILDREN, CROWDS at the miracle of Fatima, and contemporary photos of Fatima, including the Hill of the Angels.

Cardinal Cerejeira rises stiffly.

Who are you to enter-

Kratky breaks the seals on a ribbon bedecked-scroll. He unrolls it To Reveal black and red lettering.

"Cardinal Cerejeira, you are hereby ordered to surrender Lucia's letter. Should you divulge a single word, you will be excommunicated and your place in paradise forfeit. Furthermore-

By what authority do you-

The Clerics flash fists with Inquisition Rings.

The Church will declare anathema unto you.

“That day and hour knoweth no man, not even the angels of heaven, but my Father only. For as the lightning cometh out of the East, and shineth even unto the West; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.”

The Clerics scoop up the photos. Kratky seizes the letter from Cardinal Cerejeira. Vasco opens the Box. Kratky deposits the letter inside. He takes a silver padlock with the Inquisition Emblem from his cassock and locks the Box.


In 1542, in order to exterminate heresy (the sin of thinking for one's self), the Catholic Church established the Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Universal Inquisition.

During centuries of terror, the Inquisition imprisoned hundreds of thousands of people, the majority women, for daring to question the Church. Many were burnt alive, many more tortured; huge numbers died in prison.

In 1958, the Inquisition, now renamed the Sancto Oficio (Holy Office), seized the Last Secret of Fatima...