Cara Jennings

Excitingly, I have just had my first TV comedy drama made for Sky Arts - ‘Handel and Hendrix’ is due to go out this summer.  I’ve also finished my first feature film script ‘Flamingos’ and ‘How To Burn a Million Quid’ a 6X30’ comedy-drama about the band KLF, which I wrote with Sean Grundy, was released on BBC Sounds and broadcast on Radio 6. I strive to create surprising, imaginative and funny scripts that resonate with our times and pride myself on being versatile and collaborative; able to lend my talents to new subjects, stories and genres. 

London (Greater London)

Katie Langridge - Knight Hall Associates

Cara’s first TV ‘Hendrix and Handel’, a one off comedy drama for Sky Arts’ Urban Myths series written with Sophie Trott, directed by Justin Chadwick and starring David Haig, will air in July 2020.

TV Drama 

‘Hendrix and Handel’, (1x26’) Yellow Door for Sky Arts, Prod. Lucy Lumsden, 2020 

TV docudrama 

‘The Secret Killer’ - October Films, Exec Prod. Tom Latter, 2019

Scripting two episodes of a docudrama series which involved working with transcribed interview synch and actuality/verite to create VO, scripts with drama-recon and documentary elements. This work followed shadowing writer/director Sean Grundy on various TV docudramas including ‘Web Of Lies’, ‘Blood Runs Cold’ and ‘Forbidden’ for Blast, and ‘See No Evil’ for Arrow. 

Radio Drama 

‘How To Burn a Million Quid’, (6x30’) BBC Sounds, Prod. Boz Temple-Morris, 2019 

‘The Pazza Factor’, (1x90’) Classic FM, Prod. Ralph Bernard, Quidem, 2018

TV/Film in development 

‘Guitar Ladies’, Yellow Door/BBCS, Prod. Lucy Lumsden, 2019 

‘Flamingos’(1x90’) A surprising, darkly funny rom-com feature film for now, 2019 

‘Skin and Blisters’, Citrus Television, Prod. Caroline Norris, 2019 


‘Moulin Rouge’, writing for this large-scale immersive project,  Prod. Secret Cinema, 2017 

Web Series

‘The Littlest Boho’, (6x8’) comedy series, Prod. Jago Lee,, 2016

Comedy, Comedy (topical), Film, Online writing, Radio, Scripted reality, Television, Theatre



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