Tosin Otudeko

London (Greater London)

Heartbeat (musical theatre 2004)

Desperate Housewives Africa ELTV (series 2014)

Over The Bridge (Film - script in development 2013)

Oops...TARIERETV (series 2015)

The Wedding Party ELFIKE (feature film 2016, Netflix)

Heartbeat musical theatre songs - original songs across a range of genres including classical, African contemporary, musical theatre, highlife and musical poetry

Film, Poetry, Television, Theatre


The lift of the multi-storey building opens to the 15th floor. Footsteps continue, same sound as we heard on the bridge - but this time steady, purposeful/confident, belonging to a sharply dressed man, late 30s, FOLARIN. He is greeted respectfully as he walks along the corridor, passes the reception area and walks briskly towards his office - acknowledging each greeting with a nod/hand gesture.
He walks by the corridor towards the open plan space to his enclosed office. Faint sound of clapping can be heard as we pass through the awards and plaques displayed on the corridor walls.
Folarin and his partner Michael and co-founder EXEGIS CAPITAL - with the President of the FRN, Harvard Alumni Award, with notable business/industry magnate, Time Magazine CEO’S under 40 etc. He starts to walk more slowly through the corridor.
The open plan office is unusually quiet. In seconds the floor is filled with staff of EXEGIS CAPITAL, parading balloons, blowing party horns and black and white confetti. A large cake is brought out.
As various members of staff crowd him, reigning congratulatory birthday messages, he is overwhelmed with public display of affection from is staff. Suddenly he is distracted by an image through the window - he stares dumbfounded at the image. This is noticed by MARY, MICHEAL’s PA.
(slightly agitated) Thank you. Thank you all
FOLARIN leaves the open plan area and walks quickly towards his enclosed office. He shuts the blinds and buries his head in his hands.
He walks over to the window and peers through his unopened blinds to watch the world below of the lagoon and the busy streets beneath, before slumping into his chair.
His Executive Assistant, Laide, 27, knocks on his door. She opens the door gently.
LAIDE Can I come in.
She registers FOLARIN’s reaction as familiar and takes that as an approval. She walks into the office.
LAIDE (CONT’D) (enthusiastic/reassuring))
Welcome back!
FOLARIN’s reaction is blank but LAIDE can read between the frown lines. She drops the tray of coffee on his side table, while she walks over to his blinds to open them. The glare of the sun shines intensely through the window. FOLARIN shields his face.
LAIDE (CONT’D) I told them you don’t like
surprises. But Micheal insisted.
Why am I not surprised.
She smiles and proceeds to pour his cup of coffee, and hands it to him.
She hands him some documents on his side table.
He’s already asked for you this
Tell him I’ve suffered a mild
Brisk footsteps heard approaching FOLARIN’s office. Glimpse of Micheal plodding through the adjacent corridor
LAIDE (smirks/arched brow)
Too late.
MICHEAL, 41, Partner and co-founder, Exegis capital walks ceremoniously into FOLARIN’s office.
MICHEAL Good break?
I couldn’t make the meeting
yesterday - we took a later flight.
MICHEAL paces, and isn’t really registering FOLARIN’s responses.
FOLARIN (CONT’D) Plus - it was a Sunday?

We need to talk about the Agoyin
deal. When last did you see chief?
FOLARIN stares at his desk - looking at the huge folder just handed to him by Laide.
FOLARIN (In) half an hour?
Micheal starts to walk out - stops and turns around.
Give my love to JUMOKE.
Starts to leave
Oh - and don’t forget - the young trader’s funeral, it’s this week?
FOLARIN Kevin Akpabio.
(frowns, and then intently)
Yes I will be attending his funeral.
And welcome back. Micheal exits.
We’ll work on the mild stroke plan
next time. FOLARIN smiles.
Laide exits. FOLARIN stares back outside his window.