Michael Bartlett

I have been a professional writer for over 50 years. I have written many plays for radio, television and the stage, together with numerous corporate audio and video training scripts. However, the projects most people remember are that I have written for the Archers (Radio 4) and Rainbow (Thames TV)

In the 1980s I served on the WGGB Executive Council and also on what was then known as the Radio Committee

I have been the Chairman of The Children’s Film Unit, Chairman of Factotum Theatre Company and on the board of the Attic Theatre, Wimbledon. I am currently also the Editor of Crimson Cats Audio Books. I live in Norfolk.

In 2021/22 I had two books of short stories and one novel published.

East Anglia


PERSUASION:    Dramatisation of Jane Austen’s novel for THE Phoenix Theatre Co. Toured 2005

POLLYANNA:    Dramatisation of Eleanor H Porter’s classic novel for Phoenix Theatre Co. Toured 2004

 A TOUCH OF THE MONDAYS:  Rehearsed reading at the Soho Poly Theatre, London

 ENTERPRISE INITIATIVE:    Rehearsed reading at the Attic Theatre, Wimbledon

 AN EVENING WITH MR SHERRIFF:   Biographical staging of R C Sherriff’s life for the R C Sherriff Society

EVERYONE’S WAR:  A tribute to the 1st World War with voices, music and images. Performed May 2015



THE GHOST WHO COULDN’T      25’ play for Jackanory Playhouse

 GERALD DURRELL & HIS ANIMALS     4x15’ films for Jackanory

 STONE AGE ADVENTURE            8 x 10’ animated cartoons

 THE WITCHING HOUR               25’ play for Jackanory Playhouse

Many book adaptations for Jackanory


RAINBOW         Many episodes 

OWL TV             Soap Opera for Voles – 10 episodes


JUST A GAME           30’ play for Dramarama

 SANTA IN BLACK WHISKERS     30’ play for Dramarama




TWO MINUTES TO THE TOP OF THE HOUR     55’ play for Radio 4

 JUNGLEMANIA                                          45’ play for Radio 4

TOMORROW NEVER COMES                       90’ play for Radio 4

HAPPY DEATHDAY TO YOU                                45’ play for Radio 4

ARE YOU LYING COMFORTABLY                30’ play for Radio 4


A TOUCH OF THE MONDAYS                       55’ play for Radio 4

THERE’S A SLIGHT DEPRESSION CENTRED OVER BRITAIN    60’ play for Radio Clyde.    (This play won the IBA/Radio Clyde Drama Award)

QUESTIONS                                              55’ play for Radio 4

PLEASE LISTEN:                                        30’ Play for the OU.  (This play was written to help train social workers in how to deal with child abuse)

The Archers                                           Daily serial – regular writer


OPERA WONYOSI                                     BBC World Service (90’)

APPOINTMENT WITH VENUS             Radio 4/ World Service (4 x 30’)

PLUTUS                                                    World Service

BILLY LIAR                                               World Service

EDUCATING RITA                                       World Service

BLACK BARTLEMY’S TREASURE                  Radio 4

MARTIN CONISBY’S VENGEANCE               Radio 4



A NATION IN HIS HAND                            Swansea Sound

FROM PETER TO PAUL                               Canadian Broadcasting

Many short dramas, documentaries and adaptations for BBC Schools Radio.


Radio, Television, Theatre