Christopher Angel

Christopher is currently adapting Peter Stansky’s ground-breaking biography Orwell: The Transformation, into a five part limited series. This Rashoman-esque look at how George Orwell came to write his most famous novel, 1984, is told from the different perspectives of those who knew him best. In this time of rising authoritarianism and “alternate facts,” 1984 is once again at the top of best-seller lists.

Previously, Christopher adapted Thomas Keneally’s (Schindler’s List) epic novel of Africa, To Asmara, into a feature film for London-based Global Watch Films. Christopher is also developing three dramatic hour-long medical television series with his writing partner, the author and surgeon, Dr. Joshua Spanogle, including Eden, a medical-horror story about a surgeon who is haunted by his past failures.

Christopher is also the author the art heist novel, The Mona Lisa SpeaksPublished by Over The Edge Books, this glowingly reviewed thriller is a fictional modern re-telling of the actual theft of the Mona Lisa from the Louvre in 1911. 

An award-winning filmmaker, Christopher wrote and directed This Is Not A Test, which won five awards at major film festivals, including best director at the Boston International Film Festival and the audience award at the Urbanworld Film Festival. A satire about homeland security, in which a man’s fear of a possible terrorist attack drives him to extremes, it stars Hill Harper, Robinne Lee, and Tom Arnold and premiered on Showtime. Christopher also directed the last two installments of the profitable Wishmaster series of movies, distributed by Lionsgate Entertainment. His other credits as a director include the Lionsgate thriller, Beyond Redemption, with Andrew McCarthy and Michael Ironside, which premiered on HBO.

Christopher started directing features after he won an Academy Award™ for best student film for his short, Mr. October, a romantic comedy about a guy who believes he’s cursed by the month of October. Christopher graduated with an MFA from the University of Southern California Film and Television Program. 

Christopher is also an accomplished film editor and was nominated for an Emmy™ for best editing for his work on James Cameron’s Expedition Bismarck. He also collaborated closely with Garry Shandling, editing over eight hours of original documentary and comedic material for the “Not Just the Best of the Larry Sanders Show" collection.

Christopher came to USC after graduating from Yale with a degree in literature and philosophy where his thesis examined film's relation to literature. Christopher is a citizen of the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.


Orwell, screenplay.

To Asmara, screenplay.

Riviera Set, screenplay.

Out of Network, television pilot.

Eden, television pilot.

Scar Tissue, television pilot.

The Great Hunger, screenplay.

The Mona Lisa Speaks, novel.

This is Not A Test, screenplay & director.

Books, Film, Television

She had come to dread the first Sunday of each month.  It was the day of free admission at the Louvre, and with it came frightening, claustrophobia-inducing torrents of people.  She counted about five hundred every five minutes shuffling past her.  Over the full eleven hours of the day, that meant she was getting over sixty-five thousand visitors.  On one hand, she wanted to believe that such interest in art was a healthy sign for humanity.  But, those taking advantage of the free day were only increasing as people seemed to grumble more and more about the "world economic situation."  As if this were a real crisis like the Great Depression or the Great World Wars!  There was nothing "great" about some self-important bankers who had managed to convince everyone else that they were alchemists who could create money out of nothing.  And it hadn't actually stopped people from getting on their airplanes, checking into cheap, flea-infested hotels, gobbling down horrid, smelly meals that turned their skin a disgusting oily sheen, then standing for hours in line, only to pass through this room for a quick glimpse of something they couldn't come close to comprehending, as they snapped their photo and checked off another thing from their mental "list of things to do."  As if a mental checklist were all it took to lead a full, satisfied life.  "Saw the Mona Lisa." Check.