Paul Goodenough

I'm an emmy nominated writer/producer working across multiple mediums and genres (with quite a lot of focus on action brands like Sherlock, GI Joe, How to Train Your Dragon, Warhammer 40k etc). I also co-run an IP house, GBK Hybrid, with Gary Kurtz (Star Wars) and Richard Bazley (Iron Giant).

I write/produce for film, TV, books, comics, audiobooks and games.

South West (Wessex)

  • Sherlock Holmes: Another Man's Poison

  • How To Train Your Dragon: Cruel to be Kind

  • Warhammer 40k: Corruption

  • The Chimeran (film)

  • The Chimeran (TV series)

  • Lost Treasure Hunt (US TV series)


Animation,Books,Children's writing,Comedy,Comedy (topical),Film,Online writing,Radio,Television