Anthony L Maraini

Writer and director for theatre, film and television.

Anthony is an Award winning writer and director. He is an Ambassador for Dramatists Guild of America, a member of  Writers Guild of Great Britain. His plays have been produced in New York City, London, Edinburgh, Los Angeles, Fair Fax ,VA, Chesterton, IN, Little Rock, AR. Anthony writes Action, Action RomComs, and Action Adventure. 

He is currently developing Film and  television projects for the UK and US markets.

THE APERITIVO - Hollander Entertainment - Los Angeles, CA. +1 310 845 6050 

Russell Hollander - Producer  2022  

An aging Hitman, duped into taking a sabbatical in Italy, finds love, relaxation, and redemption for the death of his twin brother, just in time for his failed mark to show up, looking for revenge.

 THE BLACK LIST -  "Picture the cheekiness of Tarantino and heart-pounding action of Greengrass seasoned with a dash of Fellini’s surreal subjectivity. These unlikely complementary ingredients make THE APERITIVO a scrumptious action thriller. "

THE BLACK LIST -  "This screenplay is a love letter to Italy. The writer takes a long and loving look at the country, its history, and its philosophies. All of the food elements are great as well and play an important part of the story . . . The tone is pitch perfect, allowing for heavy action and violence as well as romance and beauty without it ever being jarring. Overall, it's a slickly and professionally executed screenplay." 

THE BLACK LIST "The imitable style and panache of James Bond collides head on, in this script, with the slick action and unbelievable set pieces of SHOOT ‘EM UP, and the exotic appeal of THE MATADOR or THE TOURIST.  In contract killer Mackendrick, the script carves out an unlikely hero with a sense of remarkable depth, dimension, and appeal.  Kicking off, out of its Prologue  with an action sequence that instantly sets a gripping tone, the script continues to prove, time and time again, its mastery of fast-paced action and cinematic dynamics, blending genres in ways that are inventive, unusual, and deeply compelling."

Dearg Due - The Red Thirst Television (One-hour) Horror · 60 pages Status: Spec

After her murder, an Irish woman takes on the role of the dreaded Dearg Due, a vengeful supernatural creature who travels through time to stop perverse men from committing crimes against women. ( Promising Young Woman meets Quantum Leap.)

THE BLACK LIST on The Deag Due: "The premise, which is sort of Promising Young Woman meets Quantum Leap with some adult Hocus Pocus vibes, is a pretty interesting amalgamation. And calling it such is in no way meant to imply that it's not unique; on the contrary, the somewhat strange mixture is decidedly unique and an intriguing read."

MFA – California Institute of the Arts. Instructors: Alexander Mackendrick  - Ealing and Hollywood Film Director, (Whiskey Galore! The Lady Killers, The Man in the White Suit, and Sweet Smell of Sucess.) Rudi Fehr  - Film Editor for Alfred Hitchcock, John Huston, and Francis Ford Coppola. (Dial M for Murder, Key Largo, Prizzi's Honor, One from the Heart.)

Master Class 10-Minute Plays The Dramatist Guild Institute,  Garry Garrison. 2018. Master Classes Playwriting The Kenyon Playwriting Conference, Instructors Steven Dietz. Diana Nneka Atuona, and Phillip Dawkins, 2017.

Anthony also worked for years in Los Angeles  as First Assistant Director for: DREAMWORKS, DISNEY, NBC, CBS, TBS, 3- Ring CIRCUS, DIRECT TV, PROPAGANDA FILMS, TONY KAYE PRODUCTIONS, and  THE HISTORY CHANNEL.

Anthony was also lucky enough to be invited to speak at the Royal Court, as part of the Writer Guild of Great Britain's Olwen Waymark Theatre Encouragement Awards. Speaking a few words about his friend, London Actor Jon McKenna, whom he recommend for the honor.

PUBLICA TIONS "I Got You, Babe." Published - Lawrence Harbison's Best Ten-Minute Plays of 2018."The Liberty Well" One Act Published by Drama Notebook. 


FILM: REMI AWARD - DON’T YOU FORGET ABOUT ME, the 49th WorldFest International Film Festival 2016.Best Screenplay DON’T YOU FORGET ABOUT ME, the LA Shorts Film Awards 2015.Best Short film The Maple Leaf Award DON’T YOU FORGET ABOUT ME,  Canada Film Awards 2016.Best Screenplay DON’T YOU FORGET ABOUT ME, NYC INDIE Film Awards 2016.Best Director DON’T YOU FORGET ABOUT ME, NYC INDIE Film Awards 2016.Best Short Film DON’T YOU FORGET ABOUT ME, NYC INDIE Film Awards 2016.

THEATRE: THE MORNING CHAIR Winner: SWTP Playwrighting Competition, Austin, TX 2019. THE BEST 10-MINUTE PLAY, I GOT YOU, BABE. The 10x10x Infinity Stage Festival. 2018



None at the moment.

"I Got You, Babe." Published - Lawrence Harbison's Best Ten-Minute Plays of 2018. Smith and Kraus, inc."The Liberty Well" One Act Published by Drama Notebook. Stage Plays: Anne Luna, The Morning Chair, The Rooster Rebellion, The Red Thirst, Gods Business, The Raffel Ticket, Maximum Carnage, The Whiz-Bang Watch, I Got You Babe, Camouflaged Nails, The Pit, Diana's Ark, Teenage Ancestry, On Account, Scrub Nuts, Stand?, Robocalls, The Hole In The Wall, The Liberty Well. Screenplays: Don't you forget about me, Reading the world, Lulla by in Birdland, The Rooster Rebellion. Animation: "The Night Before A Hobbit Christmas."


Comedy, Film, Television, Theatre