Anthony Maraini

Anthony is a Baltimore born playwright and screenwriter and director of Film and Stage. Published, "I GOT YOU, BABE." in the Smith and Kraus anthology, The Best Ten-Minute Plays of 2018 by Lawrence Harbison. "The Liberty Well" One Act Published by Drama Notebook. Anthony is a member of the Dramatist Guild of America, Writers Guild of Great Britain. He now lives Little Rock, Arkansas and when he can stay in Pimlico, London. MFA Theatre and Film Directing – California Institute of the Arts.His plays have been produced in NYC, London, Edinburgh, Los Angeles, Fair Fax VA, Chesterton IN, Little Rock AR.

Anthony was also lucky enough to be invited to speak at the Royal Court Theatre in London, as part of the Writer Guild of Great Britain's Olwen Waymark Theatre Encouragement Awards. Speaking a few words about his friend, London Actor Jon McKenna, whom he recommend for the honor.


MFA Theatre and Film Directing – California Institute of the Arts. Instructors:               Alexander Mackendrick, Lou Florimonte. Rudi Fehr, Jules Aaron, Robert Benedetti, and Lew Palter. Master Class 10-Minute Plays – The Dramatist Guild Institute, Instructor Garry Garrison. 2018. Master Classes Playwriting The Kenyon Playwriting Conference, Instructors Steven Dietz. Diana Nneka Atuona, and Phillip Dawkins, 2017.


BEST 10-MINUTE PLAY, I GOT YOU, BABE. The 10x10x Infinity Stage Festival. Fair Fax, VA., 2018.  Honorable Mentions, CAMOUFLAGED NAILS. STAGE IT Festival, Bonita Springs CA, 2018.    Short Listed the British Theatre Challenge I GOT YOU, BABE. Sky Blue Theatre, London, 2017. Short List the Sustainable Practice Award THE ROOSTER REBELLION Edinburgh Fringe, 2016. 3rd place THE ROOSTER REBELLION, The London Film Awards Stage Play competition, 2016. 3rd place THE ROOSTER REBELLION, The Cannes Film Awards Stage Play competition, 2016.

FILM                                                                                                                                                              Gold Remi DON’T YOU FORGET ABOUT ME, the 49th WorldFest International Film Festival 2016. The Maple Leaf Award DON’T YOU FORGET ABOUT ME, Best Short film Canada Film Awards 2016. Best Screenplay DON’T YOU FORGET ABOUT ME, NYC INDIE Film Awards 2016. Best Director DON’T YOU FORGET ABOUT ME, NYC INDIE Film Awards 2016.                     Best Short Film DON’T YOU FORGET ABOUT ME, NYC INDIE Film Awards 2016.                  Best Screenplay DON’T YOU FORGET ABOUT ME, the LA Shorts Film Awards 2015.

Anthony also worked for years in Los Angeles for as a First Assistant Director in both films and commercial television.


"I got you, Babe." Published - Lawrence Harbison's Best Ten-Minute Plays of 2018.Winner Best Short Play  10x10xInfinity Short Play Festival 2018. Short List The British Theatre Challenge.

"The Liberty Well" One Act Published by Drama Notebook.


ANNE LUNA  - Anne Luna, a Hollywood starlet, whose career and life is spiraling out of control, she has just broken up with her boyfriend Ian, and the paparazzi, are all around her 24/7. It’s Halloween, and She has just struck a man dressed in a suit and a bunny helmet, with her car. Anne drags him into her house and finds out he has amnesia. She needs to keep him in her home and figure out who he is by the morning. With the help of her assistant, they figure out that the man she has hit real identity is Tres Harrison, a notorious paparazzi reporter. Now they have to figure out does he have amnesia or is he on the scoop of a lifetime.

Dearg-Due (Celtic Vampire Legend) - A Musical. Dearg-Due- A Celtic myth play, Shaun Clonegan, an American, learns from a visit to his grandfather’s deathbed, of a family curse. To break the curse, he must visit the village of his ancestors in County Waterford, Ireland. When he arrives at the town he learns more of Dearg- Due, a female Irish vampire, who’s unmarked grave he must find and pile stones upon before his dance with Dearg-Due runs out. - A musical co-written with-Dave O.

The Moring Chair  - Drama - Chris Flower is removed as the co-anchor of a network morning show just before going on air. Sabastian the show’s producer has to hold internal office investigation trying to find out the truth about the accusations. With grey lines crossed becomes a case of he said she said, which leads to chaos during the breaks of the next morning’s show.

 The Rooster Rebellion - Drama - The story of Shell (Jon McKenna), the ex-history teacher who is now homeless and lives in an abandoned Aldwych ghost station deep in the underground of London. Reece-Anne (Augusta Woods) the student who runs away from her religious, zealous mother Mrs. Wheeler (Rowena Bentley) to take care of her teacher. They panhandle together in front of the National Gallery competing with Norris a homeless Veteran (Richard Oliver) for handouts. The Drayton Arms Theatre - July 2016 -  The Edinburgh Fringe Festival August - 2016


 I Got You Babe -  A dark comedy - A modern-day \"A Doll\'s House\" Fredric builds himself the perfect Android girlfriend, Leslie. Except for one thing, she keeps breaking up with him. The Manhattan Repertory Theatre - April 2017 * Winner Best Short Play 10x10xInfinity short play Festival 2018, Asher Wyndham: 11 Oct. 2017
What starts out as an cliche encounter turns into an unexpected break-up, one of the best I've read in a short play. The themes on relationships and what is said about love are delivered more effectively with the sci-fi spectacle. The pizza ordering, the repetition of re-booting, and the unusual setting for the action is memorable and a lot of fun. I recommend this play highly for college theatre classes (for study and performance) and professional theatres. Produce this play NOW!

The Whiz-Bang Watch - Drama - Black History Month -Marcus inherits a magical watch which allows him to travel back in time. Starting with Teagu, a slave in a Baltimore slave jail, Marcus Travels through time back to the present, meeting, Harriett Tubman, The Buffalo Soldiers, Bessie Coleman, The Tuskegee Airmen, Rosa Parks, a young John Lewis, and Trayvon Martin along his journey.

The Liberty Well -  Ghost Story - Emma falls down the shaft of an old New England Well. She soon finds out she is not alone in the well and she must find a way to liberate, Samuel Garrick, a ghost of a colonial boy, wrongfully cursed as a traitor and to live out eternity at the bottom of the Liberty Well. Publish in Drama Notebook's Script Library.

Teenage Ancestry - Dark Comedy - Phoenix Grandville, in his 50s’ is unexpectedly thrown into a prison holding cell where he is reunited with childhood friends and unlocks the mystery why they have been arrested.

Diana's Ark -  A dark comedy- Darcy, a twin-less twin, breaks into The City Zoo and with a knife holds a Panda Bear JIE, who is also twin-less, hostage. Her demand is that The City Zoo build a Noah’s Ark Memorial. The Manhattan Repertory Theatre- September 2017. Jordan Elizabeth Henry: 18 Nov. 2017
An imaginative short play with high stakes and beautiful imagery. How do you mourn the loss of someone you never met? How do you reconcile the life you have with the life you know could have been? I would love to see this play develop into a longer one-act piece -- Mariani has created characters with depth and history that I would love to see more of.

Camouflaged Nails - Drama. Lisa is one of the thousands of female veterans who live couch surfing or in their cars on the streets. Camouflaging the fact that they are homeless. Lisa has to move her car for the cities Memorial Day Parade. Matthew Weaver: 3 Aug. 2017
Had the pleasure of reading this as part of the Trade a Play Tuesday program. Mariani shines a light on several important issues - lack of respect for veterans and the homeless - and on an all-too prevalent hypocrisy in society. I can see this being popular with theaters and festivals, as it ends with a little justice and quite a lot of heart.

The Hole In the Wall - Short Play- Maria sits on Donald Trumps Wall hoping to see her son who is 400 miles away but instead finds a young Space Alien in the desert who is mourning the loss of his mother.

Stand? -  Bobby Sears and Vic Kavanaugh are Professional football players, who are giving the ultimatum by the teams Head Coach, to stand during the National Anthem. Bobby and Vic are then forced to decide whether to stand or kneel during the playing of the anthem.

Transylvania Travel Ban-  A dark comedy -Dracula, Renfield, Lucy Westenra Frankenstein and Van Helsing fly into the Atlanta Airport on Halloween night. Little did they know the President issued a travel ban of people from Transylvania while they were in mid-flight

On Account  - ROMCOM  Mike unexpectedly shows up at Louise's house with his newly purchased A Green 1968 390 V8 Ford Mustang fastback. She sees the car and his spur of the moment purchase as a sign that he wants his freedom and wants to break up their romance. Little does she know that could be the furthest thing from the truth. This is a cute little Romantic Comedy that I wrote with the idea for Valentine’s Day Festival submissions.

The Pit -  Drama - Chris, a town sheriff with amnesia since his youth, has called a meeting with his long-time friend Rick, at their childhood fort, a pit in an abandoned lot. They are there to solve the cold case of a missing neighborhood boy whose body has just been discovered, decades later.   Jordan Elizabeth Henry: 23 Apr. 2018  A creepy, inventive short play that turns the ideas of -victim- and -victor- on their heads. Mariani makes strong thematic and staging choices which propel the story forward and complicate the characters in very interesting ways. THE PIT would be a great addition to a short play festival, particularly one that focuses on mysteries and/or horror. I'd love to see this expanded into a longer one-act as well!

Film work:

Award Winning Short-"Don't You Forget About Me" World-renowned journalist and political cartoonist who is killed by ISIS now haunts his home until his untold life story it published.

Screened at: The London Shows International Film Festival (London, United Kingdom), LA Shorts Awards, (Los Angeles, CA, United States), Barcelona Planet Film Festival. (Barcelona, Spain),I Filmmaker Independent Film Festival (Marbella, Spain),Miami Independent Film Festival (Miami, FL, United States),NYC Indie Film Awards (New York City, NY, United States), Roma Cinema DOC (Rome, Italy),Access Code Short Film Festival (Bangalore, India), Ozark Shorts (Lamar, MO, Untied States), The 16th Ozark Foothills Film Fest (Batesville, AR, United States), Texas Ultimate Shorts (Fort Worth, TX, United States), Canada International Film Festival (Vancouver, BC, Canada), L-Dub Film Festival (Lake Worth, FL, Untied States), Crimson Screen Horror Film Fest (Charleston, SC, Untied States)The Best Shorts Competition (La Jolla, CA United States), Colossus Film Festival (Rodos, Greece), Little Rock Picture Show, (Little Rock, AR, Untied States), The Swedish International Film Festival (Stockholm, Sweden), Venice Film week (Venice, Italy)Blow-up Chicago International Arthouse Film Festival (Chicago, IL, Untied States), Afterlife Paranormal Film Festival (Gettysburg, PA, United States)

Awards: 2016 Remi Winner Best Suspense Thriller Houston WorldFest                                   2016 Winner Best Screenplay LA Shorts Awards                                                                             2016 Best Screenplay NYC Indie Film Awards                                                                                  2016 Best Short Film Canada Film Festival 2016. 

A Lulla By In Birdland - Romantic Comedy - Feature Film.  Tabitha Cornwall a BBC Radio reporter travels to America to find \"What\'s going to make America Great Again.\" She gets stranded in a small southern town that is being terrorized by a boy who controls a flock of ducks. She soon falls in love with the boy’s uncle who is the town drunk.

I Got You, Babe - TV Pilot -(Comedy): Fredric a divorced deadbeat Dad who hides from the world to build his perfect android girlfriend Leslie. However, he never programmed her to love him. She lives him to start a new life, he searches with no luck. Then when responding to a parent-teacher meeting Fredric discovers Leslie has become Lexi his son’s new teacher. She makes him attend weekly meetings to explain how he has used the week to open up to new experiences in the world.

Reading the World - TV Pilot: Ray is a bookmobile man who is on a daytime work release program from the LA County prison as assistant to Walter a bookmobile man. Ray befriends Bill, a highly functioning autistic boy who lives with his racist older brother Dex.  Walter is murdered and Ray is used as bate by the police to find the killer.



None at the moment.

"I got you, Babe." Published - Lawrence Harbison's Best Ten-Minute Plays of 2018. Smith and Kraus, inc.

"The Liberty Well" One Act Published by Drama Notebook.

Screenplays: Don't you forget about me, Reading the world, Lulla by in Birdland, The Rooster Rebellion. 

 TV Pilots: I Got You Babe, The Rooster Rebellion, Reading The World.

Animation: "The Night Before A Hobbit Christmas."

Poems: She DancesLondon Lost, The Wasteman.

Comedy, Film, Radio, Television, Theatre