Annaliese Morgan

Annaliese Morgan is an inspirational and empowering writer and author. She has written extensively for the pet industry and autobiographical accounts. She now writes for the Young Adult genre and creates and adapts her work into un-scripted television programs.

She began writing in 1999 after she was asked to co-write a chapter on anesthesia for the BSAVA Manual of Veterinary Nursing (British small animal veterinary association).

As well as running her own blog, ‘Desperate Housepets’, Annaliese also writes articles about pet care for various journals, magazines and blogs, including Practice nurse journal, Scallymag magazine,, small business expert (Australia), best pet jobs (Australia), The American Pet Magazine. She was previously called upon as an expert writer for publications such as Your cat magazine, Dogs today magazine (both national UK magazines) and written guest posts for Ocean Defender Hawaii (USA) about her travels to Hawaii, her love of the ocean, marine life and Travel Boldly (USA) – Hawaii travels.

Annaliese has written four UK veterinary text books and one pet care book, that are distributed worldwide and she has also produced a novella, which is a series of autobiographical/self help vignettes, designed to help others transform their lives.

Previously acting as a pet care author for Argos, she was also a ghost writer for pet companies in the USA and the UK.

Having hosted her own pet care radio shows based in Florida, she has also appeared on BBC radio and taken part in various press and multiple book signings in major UK stores such as Waterstones.

After joining Stage 32, which is the definitive networking site for creatives of film, television and theatre, Annaliese wrote an inspiring guest blog about her recovery after a serious accident.

Annaliese qualified as a vet nurse and took extra training courses in nutrition and dentistry. She studied for her advanced vet nursing diploma in surgery and worked her way up to manage many veterinary practices. At the time only 200 nurses in the UK held this status. She trained many nurses and specialised in anesthesia, radiology and dental care/surgery, then started her own business, setting up a unique pet health spa, which she has now sold to write and create, which have always been her biggest ambitions.

In 2009, Annaliese was presented with The BVAVA (British Veterinary Nursing Association) award, for her contribution to the profession after opening the health spa.

In 2012, Annaliese was delighted to be presented with an award for inspiration and innovation. The award was created especially for Annaliese by Over The Counter (a publication and organisation in the pet/vet care industry). The award ceremony was interrupted as a surprise for Annaliese and the award was presented to her by Natasha Baker, a double gold Paralympian.

Authentic, inspirational and funny, Annaliese has led a challenging life, learning to walk again after a serious accident, living as a single parent and then sharing her astounding journey through her work, professionally and personally.

Her passions, aside from creating modern, glamorous pet care include: creativity, true stories, the young adult sector, inspiring others, world culture and travel. She has a keen interest and love of the ocean and marine life – particularly turtles and she supports awareness and organizations such as Leonardo DiCaprio’s foundation.

She has appeared in the local and national media several times

Whilst awaiitng representation please contact Annaliese Morgan 07434 505059


Season 1 of  Desperate Housepets, Become a chic pet owner without being a bitch
1. How to get through NVQ 2 for veterinary nurses (Pastest 2004 and 2007)
2. How to get through NVQ 3 for veterinary nurses (Pastest 2006 and 2009)
3. A-Z for veterinary nurses (Pastest 2009)
4. Anaesthesia and analgesia chapter in the BSAVA Manual of Veterinary Nursing (BSAVA 2003 and 2007)
5. Desperate Housepets (Indepenpress 2011)
6. Breaking Chains – (self published Jan 2014)
7. The Road to Red –Memoir/True Story (proposal ready)

Published in: Practice nurse journal, Scallymag magazine,, small business expert (Australia), best pet jobs (Australia), The American Pet Magazine, Argos (previous resident blogger) ,
Quoted as the expert in publications Your cat magazine, Dogs today magazine (both national UK magazines)
Guest Post for Ocean Defender Hawaii (USA)
Guest post Travel Boldly (USA)
Guest blog post for Stage 32 (USA)
Various press and book signings at major UK stores.

Desperate Housepets, Become a chic pet owner without being a bitch. Un-scripted TV project, inspired by one of my books.