Annaliese Morgan

They say never work with pets and children — well — let me tell you a story about that…

Back in the nineties I was asked to co write a chapter about veterinary anaesthesia for a leading UK veterinary publisher – because, in a former life, I was a wizzy veterinary professional scaling new heights and winning lovely awards – this single chapter unbeknown to me at the time, was the catalyst for a different life.

Following the anaesthesia chapter, I was offered a three book deal to write veterinary text books, boring to many maybe but it was a buzz hearing how these books helped students pass their exams.

I deeply believe we all have a purpose and a talent, and it’s our own responsibility to bring this forth into the world, for others to benefit from and enjoy. SO, I hung up my scrub suit and opened the 1stpet health spa in the UK in my hometown of West Yorkshire thinking this was my destiny. Wrong! I love animals and nature with all my heart, I love creating with all my heart but I HATED business. It wasn’t long before another book DESPERATE HOUSEPETS was born during the nights of trying to avoid business and raise my two boys as a single mother.

I had ditched my creative dreams as a writer and author as a young adult in favour of a ‘more realistic career’ but writing kept sneaking up on me through the back door, as did my love and passion for children and young adults. I continued writing pet related material and inspiring biographical pieces (for humans not pets) and have been published in the UK, USA and Australia. I was resident author for Argos’ pet blog in the UK and I have been featured in the press, BBC radio and multiple book signings at stores such as Waterstones.

I spend more time around young people than I do adults. I read and watch more young adult books and television than I do adult material, and I became frustrated how unheard by society the young are, and how privileged I am to be in their lives – however small or big that is. By combing my creative talent, my own adversities and my experience with everyday young people I now write young and new adult books and I adore adaptions for the screen.

I love tea, the ocean, travel, elegance and the cool. I support the incredible Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation and I will always be a mystic. Currently I live in London. Join my boys and me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook!

My debut YA novel is STAY WILD.

I hope I move you.


London (Greater London)

Whilst awaiitng representation please contact Annaliese Morgan 07434 505059


Season 1 of  Desperate Housepets, Become a chic pet owner without being a bitch
1. How to get through NVQ 2 for veterinary nurses (Pastest 2004 and 2007)
2. How to get through NVQ 3 for veterinary nurses (Pastest 2006 and 2009)
3. A-Z for veterinary nurses (Pastest 2009)
4. Anaesthesia and analgesia chapter in the BSAVA Manual of Veterinary Nursing (BSAVA 2003 and 2007)
5. Desperate Housepets (Indepenpress 2011)
6. Breaking Chains – (self published Jan 2014)
7. The Road to Red –Memoir/True Story (proposal ready)

Published in: Practice nurse journal, Scallymag magazine,, small business expert (Australia), best pet jobs (Australia), The American Pet Magazine, Argos (previous resident blogger) ,
Quoted as the expert in publications Your cat magazine, Dogs today magazine (both national UK magazines)
Guest Post for Ocean Defender Hawaii (USA)
Guest post Travel Boldly (USA)
Guest blog post for Stage 32 (USA)
Various press and book signings at major UK stores.

Desperate Housepets, Become a chic pet owner without being a bitch. Un-scripted TV project, inspired by one of my books.


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