Ken Bentley

Ken Bentley is a writer of original plays and adaptations and a director of theatre and audio drama.

Writing includes GREAT EXPECTATIONS (Malvern Theatres/Tilted Wig), THE ISLAND OF DOCTOR MOREAU (Big Finish), and SURVIVORS: THE HUNTED (Big Finish) which was shortlisted for the BBC Audio Drama Awards.

Directing includes THE TIME MACHINE (Big Finish) starring Ben Miles and Nicholas Rowe, THE INVISIBLE MAN (Big Finish) starring John Hurt, THE SOUND AT THE END (Bafflegab/Audible) starring Freya Mavor, and THE SIGNALMAN (Granny Eats Wolf/Audible) read by Sam Mendes.

He was a finalist in the BBC Audio Drama Awards in 2015 and 2016, and directed the winning play in the non-broadcast category in 2017. He won the Audie Award for best drama in 2021 and won again in 2022 with SHERLOCK HOLMES: THE SEAMSTRESS OF PECKHAM RYE (Big Finish).

South West (Wessex)

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Berlin Associates
7 Tyers Gate
London SE1 3HX
020 7632 5282

Survivors: Requiem (60 min audio play)

Survivors: Albion (60 min audio play)

Survivors: Samaritans (60 min audio play)

Survivors: The Turning parts one and two (120 min audio play)

Great Expectations (120 min stage adaptation)

The Island of Doctor Moreau (120 min audio play)

Doctor Who: Eye of Harmony (60 min audio play)

New Counter-Measures: Who Killed Toby Kinsella? (60 min audio play)

Survivors: The Old Ways (60 min audio play)

The Churchill Years: The Chartwell Metamorphoses (60 min audio play)

The Omega Factor: The Hollow Earth (60 min audio play)

Counter-Measures: The Keep (60 min audio play)

Survivors: The Hunted (60 min audio play)

Survivors: Dark Rain (60 min audio play)

Counter-Measures: The Forgotten Village (60 min audio play)

Atramuntanat (90 min stage play)

Film, Radio, Television, Theatre