Catherine Williams


After a short stint in ‘grown up drama, I soon realised I was far more attuned to kids, and seem to have been regressing ever since…

I've script edited TONNES of much-loved, top-rating, award-winning kids stuff - Shaun the Sheep, Pocoyo, My Parents Are Aliens, Bear Behaving Badly etc..... and written episodes of TOPSY + TIM, DINOPAWS¸ LET'S PLAY, BING, new BOB THE BUILDER, and the entire series of DHX’s reboot of pre-school classic, TELETUBBIES (about to hit screens 9th Nov 2015).

I also have a couple of original work-in-prog screenplays under my sleeve - both a bit more grown up than the above-listed telly material - MINERVA STURDY and GWNELLIAN.

London (Greater London)

New Teletubbies - 60 eps

Topsy + Tim - 8 eps

Dinopaws - 1 ep

Bing - 2 eps

Animation,Children's writing,Comedy,Film,Television