George Poles

George is a writer and script editor, working across TV, radio and video games.

George broke into writing after a friend persuaded him to submit sketches to Scottish sketch show Pulp Video. From there, he quickly went on to become a writer and script editor on Radio 4's satirical sketch show Week Ending. He became lead writer on The News Quiz and wrote for a large number of radio comedy shows, as well as developing a career in radio drama, adapting books from Molesworth to Karel Capek's War with the Newts.

In television, George has worked on award-winning programmes from Smack the Pony to Horrible Histories, taking in everything from The Weakest Link to Panorama. He also enjoys the challenge of working as a script editor and storyliner, bringing an understanding of a writer’s thought-process to the job of ensuring the best possible scripts are delivered on time. Among his script-editing projects was International Emmy Kids' Award winner Hank Zipzer's Christmas Catastrophe. He recently finished script-editing Goldie's Oldies, a major new live-action series for Nickelodeon and is currently writing on and script-editing Theodosia, a new 26-part live-action series for Cottonwood TV.

In videogames, George wrote puzzle-adventure Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery and was narrative designer on Harry Potter: Book of Potions from J.K. Rowling.  He has particular skill in dealing with the challenges of peripheral-based gaming, having worked on series such as Eyepet and Buzz! as well as Book of Potions, in addition to developing new narratives for VR gaming.

London (Greater London)

Jean Kitson
Kitson Press Associates
32 Tavistock Street


• Theodosia - Cottonwood (Writer and Story Editor)
• Goldie's Oldies - Nickelodeon (Script Editor)
• Best Animal Friends - The Dodo Online
• Rescued! - The Dodo Online
• Hank Zipzer - CBBC (Script Editor)
• The Furchester Hotel - CBeebies/Sesame Workshop
• Ye Olde Dragon's Den - CBBC
• Dani’s House - The Foundation (Script Editor)
• Horrible Histories - Lion TV
• Gross Facts - Kix TV
• The Weakest Link - BBC
• Driving Me Mad - CBBC
• Take Off TV - CBBC
• He’s Having a Baby - Hat Trick
• What’s the Problem? with Anne Robinson - Hat Trick
• Stupid - CBBC
• Mock the Week - Angst Productions
• You Be the Judge - Talent TV
• Secrets of Leadership: Kennedy
• The Politics Show - BBC
• Have I Got News for You - Hat Trick
• Double Take - Tiger Aspect
• Panorama: Referendum Street - BBC*
• The A-Z of Politics - BBC Education
• Chucklevision - CBBC*
• Bremner, Bird and Fortune - Vera
• Smack the Pony - Talkback
• The Big Breakfast - Planet 24
• The 11 O’Clock Show - Talkback
• Pulp Video - BBC Scotland

Video Games

• Unannounced Project - Snap Finger Click
• Sonic Forces: Speed Battle (iOS/Android) - Sega Europe
• CBBC Storytime App - The Furchester Hotel - BBC
• It's Quiz Time - (Consoles/Mobile) Snap Finger Click
• Wonderbook: Book of Potions from JK Rowling (PS3) - Sony Studio London
• Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery (iOS/PSVita) - Lucid Games Ltd
• EyePet & Friends (PS3) - Climax
• Buzz! Quiz World (PS3) - Relentless Software
• Buzz! Quiz World (PSP) - Curve Studios
• Buzz! The Ultimate Music Quiz (PSP) - Curve Studios


• The Skool Days of Nigel Molesworth (with Patrick Barlow)
• The Scoundrels’ Return
• War with the Newts
• The News Quiz
• Woman’s Hour 60th Anniversary Edition
• Dead Ringers
• Molesworth*
• Jennings and Darbishire*
• Beat the Kids
• The News Huddlines
• Week Ending (writer & script editor)
• The Right Time (writer & script editor)

Animation, Books, Childrens writing, Comedy, Comedy (topical), Online writing, Radio, Short story, Television, Videogames