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BBC Drama - Doctors 2005 -2023

73 Episodes

Short Films
Telling Tales 2012 10 minutes. Dir James Brailsford. Produced by It’s My Shout Productions and BBC Wales for broadcast on BBC Wales & BBC HD Winter 2012
Stranded  2009 HD. 8.30 mins. Dir. Martin Malone Digital Short - Screen South 2009 season. 2010 - Selected for Sacramento and Memphis International Film Festivals
Top of the World 2009 35mm. 20 minutes. dir. Jonathan Bernstein
2010 – Winner of Audience award KinoFilm European Film Festival
Mercy 2004 35mm. 14 minutes. dir. Candida Scott-Knight
Screened at 30+ international film festivals. Nominated in 14 international film festivals
Winner - best short film at Rushes Soho Shorts Festival 2005. Winner Prix du Jury Paris best foreign film Creteil Film Festival 2005. Runner up UNICEF UK film award Showcomotion Festival 2005
King’s Ransom 2000   HD 20 minutes. dir. Andrew Lowes

Facilitator, Workshop Leader & Script development
Script development and screenwriting workshops. Most recently working with Pontardawe Scriptshop on Fallout 84 - a theatre project exploring the long term effects of the 1984 Miners’ strike.

Developed Crossed Paths, a 30 minute drama exploring extremism, with a Crawley based youth group. The project, aimed at teenagers, was funded by Crawley Borough Council. In 2012 it was a finalist in the Parliamentary film competition FILM THE HOUSE.

Two short film projects developed with Worthing Youth Media were nominated for 2010 First Light Awards. The animated film ‘Happy Cloud’ won in the Best Comedy category. Happy Cloud also won best small film award at Canterbury Anifest.

Comedy, Film, Television



A dead man’s face, horribly contorted, looms out of the darkness. There’s a noose around his neck. He looks strangely familiar.

As more of the man comes into view it’s apparent that he’s dressed in full papal regalia and is suspended from a rope - it’s Pope Francis.

Mercifully it’s not the real pontiff just a very lifelike model. He is ‘hanging’ in a clear resin cube. A PLAQUE identifies the work as DOPE ON A ROPE by BRENDAN O’MALLEY.

The TINKLE of breaking glass is followed by a pained YELL.




Feck. I’m bleeding!

A shocked looking choir boy. But it’s not the language that’s offended him - he’s impaled on a crucifix.


Quit your whining and get the pump.

The choirboy is encased in a clear resin cylinder. A PLAQUE identifies the work as SUFFER THE CHILDREN by BRENDAN O’MALLEY…

A THRUMMING sound starts up.

Across the room a VIRGIN MARY shaped mummy, swathed in bandages, with a similarly wrapped BABY JESUS perched on her lap, is encased in a resin pyramid. A PLAQUE identifies THE VIRGIN MUMMY by BRENDAN O’MALLEY.

Behind the Virgin a massive GOLDEN BULLOCK bursts from its resin cube. Astride its back is JESUS, posed like a rodeo rider, naked apart from a cowboy hat. The plaque identifies the work as BOLLOCKS AND BULLOCK by BRENDAN O’MALLEY.

A dark substance splatters across the Saviour’s face…

…And over the Pope’s cube.

…And down the Virgin Mummy’s pyramid.

A thick hose poking through a broken window pumps a stream of viscous goo into the gallery.

The shocked choirboy’s face is obscured as the substance dribbles down his resin tube.