Graham Lester George

I am a professional writer for the screen, as well as a director. I have written for long running BBC drama series. I also wrote the screenplay for the award winning short WASHDAYS (Best Film at Rushes Soho 2009, nominated for a BIFA 2009, won Silver at The Smalls Film Festival 2009, Special Jury Prize for the screenplay at Austin Film Festival 2009 Official Selection at Palm Springs FF 2009 + many other premier festivals). Wrote and Directed SPECIAL DELIVERY (Best Film and Best Fiction Film at the Gedling Film Festival, Official Selection at Palm Springs FF 2012, Santa Fe FF 2012, Rushes Soho FF 2012, The Smalls FF 2012 + many other premier festivals. Three feature films optioned, one developed. Currently seeking finance for a low budget social/political drama feature film, centred around a family which is broken apart in the fallout of the 2008 Banking Collapse.

N.B. When clicking the first Vimeo link below for WASHDAYS, you will need the password which is: bedwetter

East Midlands

Special Delivery (Short) (writer) (director)

 2009Washdays (Short) (written by)

 2001-2004Doctors (TV Series) (written by - 8 episodes)
Love Thy Neighbour (2004) ... (written by)

Appearances (2003) ... (written by)

Caught in the Web (2003) ... (written by)

Testing Testing (2002) ... (written by)

Falling for Jason (2001) ... (written by)

Cat's Out of the Bag (2001) ... (written by)

Bad Blood (2001) ... (written by)

He Ain't Heavy (2001) ... (written by)

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Kieran in TEE-SHIRT AND JEANS, hangs his SCHOOL CLOTHES in his WARDROBE. Sam, still in UNIFORM comes in with his SCHOOL RUCKSACK.

Sam dumps the rucksack on the bed, pulls out a BB GUN and points it at Kieran.


Hands in the air sucker!

It looks like a real gun.


Shit man - What the F...

SAM (Grinning)

It’s not real - it’s a BB gun


That looks well illegal!

Taking the gun from Sam, Kieran examines it, weighing it in his hand - it’s quite light.

KIERAN. (CONT’D) Cool! Where d’ya get it?

Tim Rogers - it was bright blue but he sprayed it and everything.

KIERAN. How much?

Swapped it for a couple of PS2 games.

The bedroom door opens suddenly as Lorraine enters carrying a pile of CLEAN CLOTHES. Kieran throws the gun at Sam who quickly drops it into his bag - but not quick enough.

LORRAINE. What’s going on?

SAM, Nothing.

KIERAN. Nothing.

LORRAINE.  What’s in the bag then?

The boys stare at her dumbly. Lorraine puts the washing down on a chair

LORRAINE (CONT’D) (Holding out her hand)

Come on...

She reaches for Sam’s rucksack, puts in her hand and pulls out the gun. Lorraine looks at her boys in turn.

It can’t hurt anyone!

Well I don’t care - it looks real. Start waving this around and we’ll have a police SWAT team outside.