Stella Duffy

Stella Duffy has written sixteen novels published in fifteen languages, over seventy short stories (many for radio), and written and devised fourteen plays. She has twice won Stonewall Writer of the Year and twice won the CWA Short Story Dagger. She won the Diva prize for Fiction in 2017. Her story collection, Everything is Moving, Everything is Joined, and her Doctor Who novella Anti-Hero were published in 2014.

Stella is also a theatre-maker; Associate Artist with Improbable, Artistic Director of Shaky Isles Theatre, founder of The Chaosbaby Project. She is the Co-Director of Fun Palaces.

London (Greater London)

Books - Stephanie Cabot, The Gernert Company
Theatre - Rachel Taylor, Casarotto
tv/film adaptations - Lucinda Prain, Casarotto

Singling Out The Couples, Sceptre, 1998
Eating Cake, Sceptre, 1999
Immaculate Conceit, Sceptre, 2000
State of Happiness, Virago, 2004
Parallel Lies, Virago, 2005
The Room of Lost Things, 2008
Theodora, 2010
The Purple Shroud, 2012

London Lies Beneath, 2016

The Hidden Room, 2017

Money in the Morgue, 2018


Saz Martin series
Calendar Girl, Serpent’s Tail, 1994
Wavewalker, Serpent’s Tail, 1996
Beneath The Blonde, Serpent’s Tail, 1997
Fresh Flesh, Serpent’s Tail, 1999
Mouth of Babes, Serpent’s Tail, 2005

Doctor Who – The Anti-Hero, BBC Books 2014
in anthology, Doctor Who – Time Trips, BBC Books 2015
Tart Noir, anthology (edited with Lauren Henderson), Macmillan 2002
Everything is Moving, Everything is Joined (collected short stories), Salt 2015

The Tedious Predictability of Falling in Love, solo show, 1990
The Hand, Gay Sweatshop, national tour, 1996
Close To You, DC Productions, Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh, 1997
Crocodiles and Bears, Steam Industry, BAC, 1999
Breaststrokes, solo show, BAC & tour, 2003-2005
Immaculate Conceit, National Youth Theatre, Lyric Hammersmith, 2003
Cell Sell, National Youth Theatre, Soho Theatre, 2005
Prime Resident, National Youth Theatre, Soho Theatre, 2006
A Guest on Other People’s Ground, Cottesloe, National Theatre, 2006
Medea, Steam Industry, The Scoop, 2009 (& Assembly Edinburgh 2011)
The Book of Ruth (and Naomi), Sixty-Six Books, Bush Theatre 2011
The Wedding, I Can Dream Can’t I?, Manchester Royal Exchange 2011
TaniwhaThames (co-writer/deviser/director), Shaky Isles, Oval House 2011
The Matilda Effect, Three Legged Theatre, 2015

Books, Short story, Theatre