Colin Chambers

Colin Chambers is a theatre writer who has been a journalist, a radio and print theatre critic, and Literary Manager of the Royal Shakespeare Company (1981-97). During his time at the RSC, he worked with more than eighty playwrights, including Richard Nelson, who has had ten plays performed by the company. With Nelson, he co-wrote and co-directed Kenneth’s First Play and co-wrote Tynan, both of which were staged by the RSC. He was also associate director on Nelson’s Madame Melville at the Vaudeville Theatre. He adapted with Steven Pimlott Molière’s The Learned Ladies (The Other Place, Stratford-upon-Avon), he selected and edited for performance Three Farces by John Maddison Morton (Orange Tree Theatre, Richmond), and he adapted David Pinski’s Treasure (Finborough Theatre, London). He unearthed Agnes Colander,  an unpublished and unperformed play by Harley Granville Barker written in 1900, which received its world premiere in 2018 at the Theatre Royal Bath's Ustinov Studio, directed by Trevor Nunn.

He edited Making Plays: The Writer-Director Relationship in the Theatre Today by Richard Nelson and David Jones, co-edited with Richard Nelson Granville Barker on Theatre, and edited and contributed to the Continuum Companion to Twentieth Century Theatre, which he is updating. He has written extensively on the theatre, including the books Other Spaces: New Writing and the RSC; Playwrights’ Progress (with Michael Prior); The Story of Unity Theatre; Peggy: the Life of Margaret Ramsay, Play Agent (winner of the inaugural Theatre Book Prize); Peggy to Her Playwrights: The Letters of Margaret Ramsay, Play Agent;  Inside the Royal Shakespeare Company; Here We Stand: Politics, Performers and Performance – Paul Robeson, Isadora Duncan and Charlie Chaplin; and Black and Asian Theatre in Britain: A History. He was the first Professor of Drama at Kingston University and is now an Emeritus Professor there.

South East


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‘‘More than Music Hall – How the Alternative is not so New’, http://

entries for Digital Theatre on: Harley Granville Barker, Peter Gill, Michel Saint-Denis, Political Theatre, Theatre of the Absurd, Theatre of Cruelty


Other stage work in addition to that listed in published plays above

Translated and adapted the three Figaro plays by Beaumarchais

Adapted Robert Tressell’s The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists

Selected and edited The Mad World of John Maddison Morton (Orange Tree, Richmond)

Translated and adapted Eugene Brieux’s Three Daughters (Les trois filles de M. Dupont)


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