Jean Maye

Jean Maye is a published author of children's books and a multi-award-winning screenwriter and Company Director of Mouse Chased Cat Productions Ltd which was established in November 2016. 

Since setting up the company she has written and produced three multi-award winning short films. These and her screenwriting awards can be viewed on the website:

Her first fiction novel for children titled 'THE DOLL'S HOUSE' was published 28th October 2020. This is the first of a three-book trilogy - The Sienna Series.

This and her best-selling non-fiction book/s can be viewed on her author's website:



South East

Seeking representation.

T.V Drama Series - SANDSTONE

Short scripts:

Finding Hope, Tides, The Adventurers Diary, The Bench, The Pumpkin Room, Undiscovered (Undiscovered may be extended into a feature).

Feature Scripts:

Shadows' End - Psychological Thriller

Layla - Psychological Horror

Hotel Flamingo - Comedy (Early treatment stage).

Stage Play

Who Gets the Doughnuts - Comedy Drama.

Children's Novel

The Doll's House

Prior to screenwriting, in 2001, Jean was previously published in social care related books. 'My Life & Me' was a Best Seller in its time and sold internationally and was even translated into Japanese and used as a training tool in the University of Japan.

She's also won a poetry competition and would like to write more when time allows.

Poetry: Entrapment 2012 Published by Kingston University.

She also won the best songwriter in 2009 with 'Where I'll Always Be.'

Book Publications:

When I'm Away from Home' Jessica Kingsley Publishers
My Life and Me - BAAF (Now Coram)
We Are Fostering - BAAF
Me and My family



Animation, Books, Childrens writing, Comedy, Comedy (topical), Film, Poetry, Radio, Short story, Television, Theatre


Children's books.