Jean Maye

Jean comes from a background in Local Authority social care. Past roles have also included work in prisons, hospices, fostering, adoption and child protection. A published and best-selling author in this field, her creative writing skills are also supported by a varied range of qualifications including a summer course at Oxford University in ‘Writing for Radio’, a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing at Kingston University in 2012 and a Producers Foundation Certificate, presented by Raindance in 2014. She has also attended various seminars including Linda Seger, Robert McKee, Syd Field, Jurgen Wolff and others. She is a frequent visitor to the London Screenwriter’s Festival, starting off at the Cheltenham Festival some years back.

Jean has also worked closely with Euroscript and Hollywood script editor Linda Seger who she has become great friends.

In 2013, Jean sent a script to actress Patricia Loveland after watching the film Quartet (2012). Within a few weeks, Jean made a promotional trailer for the film with Patricia taking a significant role. The leading role was played by Victoria Broom who appeared in the TV series Marcella, 2018.

The screenplay Shadows’ End attracted some attention, but then she became unwell so things came to an abrupt halt.

In November 2016, and still during the recovery period of her illness, Jean formed Mouse Chased Cat Productions Ltd, a production company with the aim of making a few short films to try and build some credibility to her writing. This seemed the only way to get work out there and noticed as a new creative writer. In February 2017, Jean produced her first short film ‘Finding Hope.’ This went on to win numerous awards and selections at festivals.

In October 2017, she produced Tides, the prequel to the current film she is working on ‘The Adventurers Diary.’ Tides was originally only going to be used as a crowdfunding film, but when the director read the script, he immediately said that this was both, a prequel and a film in its own right. Tides is also now winning awards. Both films were written for actress Patricia Loveland at her request. ‘Undiscovered,’ Jean’s next film is being written for an actress/opera singer. Both this and The Adventurers Diary lend themselves to features.

Alongside this, Jean is just in the process of completing her first children’s novel, rewriting Shadows End and developing a children’s animation story for a T.V, starting with a web series.

South East

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Short scripts: Finding Hope, Tides, The Adventurers Diary.

Poetry: Entrapment 2012


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