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Jean Maye is a Best-selling author of non-fiction children's books and is now also writing fiction. She is also a multi-award-winning screenwriter and Company Director of Mouse Chased Cat Productions Ltd which was established in November 2016. 

Since setting up the company she has written and produced three multi-award winning short films. These and her screenwriting awards can be viewed on the website:


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When I'm Away from Home' Jessica Kingsley Publishers
My Life and Me - CoramBAAF (International Best-seller).
We Are Fostering - CoramBAAF
Me and My family - CoramBAAF



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An extract from Chapter 3 of the children's fiction novel titled- THE DOLL'S HOUSE

There was an unusual amount of silence during supper. Pasta bake was one of Sienna’s favourites, but that evening the pasta seemed hard to swallow until she washed it down with a gulp of orange squash.

Sienna’s eyes wandered over to a scrumptious looking apple cake resting on one of the
kitchen units. If she wasn’t in so much trouble or feeling so sick with anticipation, she did
think she could be tempted to try a little.

Although Inga gave Sienna a reassuring smile, it did not make her feel any better. She
was fed up with Matt looking so angry, so she placed her fork on the plate and pushed back
her chair.

‘Where do you think you’re off to?’ demanded Matt. ‘Sit down. There are things we need
to discuss.’
‘I was going to my room.’ She slumped back onto her chair, her face as glum as it could
be. Matt glared at her intensely. ‘Stealing is not acceptable. It doesn’t matter what you
want or what you think you need, you don’t steal it, you ask for it. Those are the rules here
and I imagine in every other house!’

Sienna had not seen him frown like that before. If she hadn’t been in so much trouble she
would have laughed, because his bushy eyebrows looked like wriggling caterpillars. But she
knew she needed to be as solemn as he was. ‘I’m sorry. I promise never to do it again.’

Matt kept a stern face for a few minutes as they all sat in silence. Then he let out a big
sigh. ‘Okay, we’ll put the doll’s house in your playroom, Sienna. How about that?
Sienna rushed to Matt and gave him a big hug and he and Inga smiled.

After supper, as he promised, Matt moved the doll’s house into the playroom and Sienna
sat in front of it, admiring the beautiful red panelled front door. She carefully pushed
open the front to look inside and immediately gasped with delight. It was simply sumptuous!