Jean Maye

Jean Maye is a multi-award-winning screenwriter and producer.

She is the Company Director of Mouse Chased Cat Productions Ltd which was established in November 2016.

Since setting up the company she has written and produced three short films. The third is currently in post-production.

The films have been received well at festivals and the Awards for these and her writing can be viewed on the company website:

Jean has attended many seminars in screenwriting. Before entering the film industry she obtained an MA at Kingston University in Creative and Critical Writing, (specialising in screenwriting). In the past, she was a best-selling international author of social care type psychological interactive workbooks for children. Jean has also had years of experience in working with prisoners and still continues this connection by writing and supporting prisoners with their own creative writing, on Death Row, Texas.



South East

Roger Carey Associates - Agent: Mr Matthew Lacey
Tel: +44(0)1932-582-890

Short scripts: Finding Hope, Tides, The Adventurers Diary.

Feature Scripts: Shadows' End - Psychological Thriller
Layla - Psychological Horror

T.V - Jean is currently writing her first TV Drama series and is being mentored by the very talented and experienced TV script consultant, Yvonne Grace:


Prior to screenwriting, in 2001, Jean was previously published in social care related books. 'My Life & Me' was a Best Seller in its time and sold internationally and was even translated into Japanese and used as a training tool in the University of Japan.

She's also won a poetry competition and would like to write more when time allows.

Poetry: Entrapment 2012 Published by Kingston University.

Book Publications:

When I'm Away from Home' Jessica Kingsley Publishers
My Life and Me - BAAF (Now Coram)
We Are Fostering - BAAF
Me and My family



Animation, Books, Childrens writing, Comedy, Film, Poetry, Radio, Short story, Television, Theatre